Life lessons I’m taking with me from 2017

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Here it is. December 31st. The last few hours of 2017 before we venture into the unknown that is 2018. Now let’s be real, for many of us New Year’s Eve is just another day. Heck we’re off to Ikea today. But for some people New Year’s Eve is all about settling up anything you […]

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3 things I don’t want to teach my future children

I’ve been thinking a lot about kids recently. Now before you all start jumping to conclusions I’m not pregnant and trust me if I was this isn’t how I’d announce it. The whole thought process of this post and ideas came to me because of a few things I have seen on social media recently. […]

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Monthly Chit Chat: Feeling merry

JustEmmi Christmas Festive Snowman Jumper Tree Markets Manchester

Before I get into this month’s chit chat post I want to reassure you that it won’t all be about Christmas, and how it’s officially acceptable to wear Christmas jumpers and sing Christmas songs. Despite what you might think from the title. But it is the first of December which means I’m feel very festive, […]

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One year on: How blogging has made me reconsider my life goals

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Can we all just take a moment to realise that it has been exactly one year since I bought the domain One year since I decided to stick to this thing called blogging and put my spare time at university to use. I’ve been blogging since around 2012 under different domains and names. I […]

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