The Cafe Hop: Fig & Sparrow

I’ve got a lot of plans for 2018, one of which is to really get stuck into blogging again. This also means revamping my Manchester cafe review series “The Cafe Hop” – which is also a seriously good excuse to spend a whole day stuffing my face with cake and tea. To kick things off […]

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Life lessons I’m taking with me from 2017

coffee girl blogger emmixbowles

Here it is. December 31st. The last few hours of 2017 before we venture into the unknown that is 2018. Now let’s be real, for many of us New Year’s Eve is just another day. Heck we’re off to Ikea today. But for some people New Year’s Eve is all about settling up anything you […]

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A 2017 Christmas present haul

I love reading these posts but I never write them at the fear of sounding like a spoilt brat. But after a poll on Twitter 85% of you said I should do one so here it is. The Twitter voters have spoken. Most of my presents came in the form of money which went on […]

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5 things I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered

Soap and Glory Beauty Makeup Kiko Primark Christmas Pyjamas Tea Shopping ASOS

Before you read this you have to promise not to judge me ok. Yes I may have been living under a duvet rock for god knows how long, but I’ve finally seen the light so all is good. Since moving to Manchester, getting a full time job and having some more disposable income under my […]

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