Blogger things I want to be better at

I’m fortunate that as a journalist writing comes easy for me – but that doesn’t mean I’m any good nor does it make me an expert when it comes to blogging. I’ve been blogging on and off now for a good four years under various names, but there are still a lot of things which […]

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4 easy ways to look confident

4 easy tricks to look confident

Every time I go on a placement, or have an important meeting, or do something big I get really nervous, but you wouldn’t know it. Up until recently my boss at work thought I was confident and outgoing, until a heart to heart revealed that actually I am quaking in my boots and winging it […]

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7 essentials for staying organised

As a university student in the final year of my degree I would like to think that I have picked up some good tips and tricks on staying organised over the past three years. Now I am not perfect and there are times when I do assignments the night before and just get overwhelmed with […]

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