Graduate with a 2.1 or first.

Move to Manchester

Get a job

Get a house

Have a home office

Get Married

Have children

Be a dog owner

Pass my driving test

Own my own car



Visit London

Visit Wales

Visit Scotland

Visit Ireland

Visit Pairs

Visit Rome

Visit Venice

Visit Amsterdam

Visit Barcelona

Visit America

Go Camping

Stay in a 5 star hotel

Visit Lands End



Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Mary Poppins


We Will Rock You

The Rocky Horror Show

The Lion King

War Horse

Blood Brothers

Sister Act

Jersey Boys

Billy Elliot

Mamma Mia!



Go to a drive through movie

Own a Macbook

See a West End show

Learn to play piano

Learn sign language

Get a qualification in Spanish

Go Parasailing

Keep a journal for 1 year

Have an allotment/grow my own food

Go to a spa

Read all the books I own

Run a 5K (again)

Go to a festival

Eat at a michelin star restaurant