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So here’s the thing. I started this blogΒ to have somewhere to just talk about things I like or share opinions I have. As a journalist I write about the facts and stories. As a book blogger I wrote about books (surprise surprise). I didn’t really have anywhere to write about, well all the other stuff.

Being the indecisive person I am this blog has gone through a number of names but at the end of 2016 I relaunched it as Just Emmi, becuase this blog is about me… Emmi.

Also with a diverse name I have grown up listening to everybody ask me if Emmi is my real name. If it is short for anything. If it is a nickname. No folks, it’s Just Emmi. So hopefully this might drill it into people’s heads.

As a 20 something university student, soon to be a graduate I wanted to make this a place to share my experiences and to let other 20 something women know that they aren’t alone. I also blog about the occasional Lush and Teapigs haul but tea and lush solve most crisis so it’s ok.

I try to follow a schedule, posting twiceΒ a week, but life isn’t perfect and I’m only human so I might miss a day or two – so kill me.

Unlike some people on the Internet, I am not blogging to make money or get a massive following. I am not trying to become ‘internet famous’ or ‘make it’ so I can quit my job and blog full time – although this would be a nice option. Blogging for me is something I have done for years under many urls and names. This is just another step in my journalism life. Que Sera Sera.

I also run the Lancashire Bloggers Facebook and Twitter accounts – come say hello.

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