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If you’re reading this I guess you want to know a little bit more about me and this blog. Well I won’t beat around the bush and waste your time.

I’m a 20 something real-life lifestyle blogger, originally a Southerner, now an honorary Mancunian.

I’ve been doing this writing thing in some form since around 2012 but only started Just Emmi in 2016.



I call it a ‘real-life’ lifestyle blog. 

It’s not a fashion blog where I share OOTD photos, nor is it a review blog where I talk about make up and skincare.

This blog is my life. It’s my thoughts and experience as I stumble my way through adulthood. 

It’s the honest truth and it’s 100% me.





If you like what I do and think we’d be a match then I’m sorry but I’m taken, but you can always email me about collaborations: emmixbowles@gmail.com

I don’t accept any pre-written content or guest posts on this blog, because I prefer content to be written in my own style and voice.

For all other enquiries just hit me up on social media.


All opinions are my own, and I never publish posts or engage in sponsored posts if I do not like the product and/or agree with the brand and the relevance of their brand/product for my audience.

If a post is sponsored or an item has been gifted to me there will be a disclaimer within the post. It will also be marked with the appropriate tags. This is the same for social media sponsored content.

I sometimes use affiliate links but you can decide for yourself if you fancy using them. if you don’t want to use them all you have to do is clear your cookies and go back to the website.

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