Knowing when to slow the F down and revaluate life

This month has been mental. It took 25 days of going at life non-stop to realise that it was about time I stopped to slow down and chill the F out.

Along with the dull days, dark nights and cold evenings comes the sluggish, ‘I just want to stay in bed all day’ feeling.

But my days and nights have been anything but. My lunch hours have been filled with blog photoshoots, writing, planning and meetings.

The evenings have consisted of going to the gym (most nights) and the weekends booked up all month.

Believe it or not I’ve officially hit that burnout brick wall. So we spent this whole weekend in bed or on the sofa watching movies and Netflix shows.

And boy did we both need it.

Life might be too short to sit on your arse all the time. But sometimes we just need to slow down and chill the F out!

In the past I’ve found it hard to slow down because it makes me feel unproductive.

But slow down was just what I needed this weekend. Spending time with Paul, not worrying about anything and doing what we wanted put everything into perspective.

It might just be the bed rest talking but I feel like I’ve got a new lease of life. I can think clearly and I know what path I need to be on for the rest of the year.

Hannah Gale mentioned in an Instagram story this past week how she had so many plans for 2019. But due to things out of her control she’s got to change them all.

Things don’t always pan out how we want and I now know this too well.

I had plans to do a lot of traveling this year, to go on some adventures and make memories.

But reality hit back at us (quite hard) and we’ve had to cancel a lot of our plans.

Obviously it’s not what we wanted but life can be unpredictable that way.

The important thing is that we adapt to it and carry on – no matter what.

So after slowing down this weekend, we’ve been able to move forward and focus on the short term plan. February is what we have our sights on for now.


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