Inside my gym bag: only the essentials

emmixbowles gym workout fitness new year gym bag essentials

This week I went to Tesco and the fruit and veg aisle was raided like the spirits aisle on New Years Eve. The #newyearnewme gym season is officially upon us.

Now I’m not doing resolutions this year as I explained in my previous post, but I’m not discrediting anyone who is. Which is why I thought I would share my gym bag essentials with you all in the hope that it helps someone who’s struggling with what they actually NEED for the gym.

Firstly I want to say that you don’t NEED a gym membership. There are loads of ways you can workout without spending a dime!

Blogilates home workouts, running apps, yoga. Even just going to a daily walk will up your activity and help you feel better.

But if you’re heading to the gym this week here’s what I’d suggest packing in your bag.


Too often I see people heading to the gym in their normal clothes. I mean firstly who put son a pair of jeans and thinks yeah let’s go for a run in these.

But if you spend any money this year on activewear then get yourself some decent trainers. They are 100% the most essential thing you need if you’re going to be working out often.

Try them on, make sure they’re comfy but also supportive and that they’re the right kinda for the activity you’re going to be doing.

If you’re just going to be running and doing a weekly 5K then get yourself some running shoes. If you’re doing a variety of gym activities like classes and lifting weights then get some gym trainers.

My best advice is to shop around, read reviews and go into store and try them on!


At first you might not want to splurge on the branded stuff like Nike and Adidas which is fine. But make sure if you’re buying cheap gym clothes that they are comfy but also supportive.

Trust me, I’ve bought the cheap sports bra before only to nearly give myself a black eye on the treadmill.

Big busted girls I’m looking at you! Your sports bra is one of the most important things in your wardrobe so don’t overlook it.

ASOS’s own range of activewear is great. It’s super comfy and holds you in all the right places – and it’s a bloody bargain!

emmixbowles gym workout fitness new year gym bag essentials


Now you might think that you’re going to the gym to sweat so why do you need to apply deodorant again after you did in the morning.

This might not be an essential in your gym bag but it is for me.

So many people say that they feel self-conscious at the gym and I know how that feels.

Which is why I also spray some deodorant and body spray before I work out. It makes me feel and smell good and I’m not worrying about how I look or smell, but instead I’m focused on the workout.


This is your number one gym bag and handbag essential now! Don’t buy a water bottle from the shop on the way to the gym. Get yourself a reusable one and have it with you all the time.

Staying hydrated will make you feel better, it will make your skin look better and it will give you that energy to workout.

There is nothing worse than working out without water, or feeling dehydrated before you even start to workout.

I asked for a Chilly’s waterbottle for Christmas. It’s reusable so it’ helps the planet, but it also keeps your water cold for 24 hours!


Ok so you don’t need these things but I thought I’d include them incase you want to add them to your gym bag.

  • Padlock – Check to see what type of lockers your gym has. You don’t want your things going missing.
  • Towel – If you’re self-conscious about sweat then its always good to take a small hand towel. It’s also nice to wipe the equipment down when you’re done ready for the next person.
  • Resistance band – If you don’t want to start lifting weights these are a great way to build muscle by using your own body weight.
  • Wireless headphones – These are something I’m looking to invest in because there is nothing worse than your headphones getting tangled up whilst you’re on the treadmill or lifting weights.


Let me know what your gym bad essentials are and if there’s anything you think I’ve missed!


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