How to get fit before the New Year

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Happy December! It’s the month of chocolate, more chocolate, mulled wine and some more chocolate…

There is no doubt that January is peak time for people to starting thinking about their health and fitness. But for me there is no time like the present.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or just feel a bit less out of breath when walking up the stairs, there is no reason why you should put things off until the New Year.

I’ve recently given my fitness journey the jump start it needed and I honestly have never felt better.

But I also used to be one of those people who’d say ‘new year new me’ but within a month I’d canceled my gym membership and was back to eating ice cream out the tub. (Which there is nothing wrong with if in moderation!)

So this year, before we head into a new one I wanted to share my advice on how you can start getting fit before the year is up.

But also how you can spend this next month breaking bad habits and starting better ones ready for a fresh start in Janaury.


With the colder months upon us nobody wants to just eat a sandwich for lunch. We need something warm and full of veg inside us to fight away those colds going around.

If you’re able to cooking your own lunch in advance and meal prep then great. But if not then just make bigger portions for your dinner which you can have as leftovers the next day.

Not only will this save your money – which we all know is super important around this time of your – but the chances are your lunch will be a lot healthier too!


Now if you can make it through the Christmas period with eating a whole tub of Celebrations or Quality Street then I salute you! 

When the office is full of Christmas chocolate and you’re surrounded by it at home you need to really learn some self disciple. And if you can do it this month then you’ll smash it come January.

Try not to dig into those sweet treats in the office until after lunch – and only really eat them if you’re hungry rather than just because it’s in front of you.

As for at home try not to eat them until after your dinner but make sure you’re not tucking into them all night. My rule of thumb is not to eat past 9pm (2 hours before I go to bed).


If you go to a gym that offers free classes then start booking onto them now because trust me come January it will be far too busy.

Use December as your trail month. Try out as many classes as you can. Even if you don’t like the sound of one just try it. If you don’t like it you can always leave during it.

Then come January you will know exactly what you want to do and hopefully you’ll be able to book it and get a place.


Motivation is probably one of the main reasons why I failed every January. It’s ok to say you’re going to go gym 3 times a week but life can soon catch up with you, making excuses even easier to make

For me I have to be held to account and the best way I thought I could do that (without paying for a personal trainer) was to start a Fitness Instagram account.

I love Instagram just like I love blogging so why not put my hobbies and goals together to give me that extra momotivaitonivation.

Just like how I have to take photos and do things for blog content I now actually have to go to the gym to get gym photos for the account. I also have to order healthy food when eating out in order to post on my stories.

It might not work for everyone but it has really spurred me on to take my health and fitness seriously – whilst also making the gym fun!

I’d love to know what tips you have for people looking to kick start their fitness journey. Also if you have a fitness section to your blog or an Instagram account leave it in the comments for me to check out!


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