Why it’s important to treat yourself

So my post about going to the gym is followed by a post about treating yourself – with a photo of two super indulgent milkshakes…. well done Emmi. You nailed this timing didn’t you.

All humour aside, I really wanted to write this post after the week I’ve had. 

You may have noticed that I took a week off from blogging last week.

Or you might not have noticed because let’s face it, I’m no Zoella.

I’ve had a lot going on and I just needed to take some time for myself. 

I needed to relax, treat myself to some lush bath bombs and an expensive coffee and just forget about the world.

Treating myself is something I find hard to do. I don’t know if it’s a side affect of being British or if it’s because I’d rather treat other people.

After the week I’ve had I’ve realised just how important it is to take a break and treat yourself every so often.

But ‘treating’ yourself doesn’t have to be expensive.


A lot of people see treating themselves as a holiday, a spa day or something expensive.

Now I love a 2 week holiday abroad but really it’s the little things can relax us more. 

For me it’s a bath bomb, or some new pj’s. 

Learning to give yourself that you time every month really helps in the long run.


I’m the type of person that walks into work with a Starbucks in hand, and some form of hot breakfast. 

I have free tea and coffee and cereal waiting for me at work. But I like having the option of Starbucks or Costa.

Some people might think I’m just wasting my money but it’s what makes me happy in the morning so why not?

Most people my age spend their money on going out and alcohol, I spend it on a morning coffee and porridge.


Spending a lot of money on an item has such negative connotations in today’s society. Especially for women.

But if you work hard, earn that money or save it up then why not buy whatever the hell you want.

I see a lot of people on my social media buying designer handbags and I think good for them!

When you’ve worked hard or saved up your money for a long time then why shouldn’t you be allowed to choose what you do with it?

Whether that’s something you might not use all the time, or something that could be an investment in the long run.

Heck if it makes you happy then why not!

For me it’s a new theme for my blog or a £30 bobble hat for the winter. For some people it’s a night out or a new handbag. 

When was the last time you treated yourself and what was it?


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  1. October 16, 2018 / 3:46 pm

    I’m with you, I think there’s a positive mindset that can come from treating yourself! I know some people like to point fingers and call it overindulgence. As long as you’re mindful about balance, there’s nothing wrong with finding joy in little parts of your life, like a coffee before work or a nice hat for cold weather. This past weekend, I treated myself to a ton of yarn to make a sweater! It’s more than I would’ve usually spent, but I know that I’m going to love making it and feel so proud when it’s done.

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