Why it’s OK to be angry

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Being angry is seen as a negative thing. That’s because it is. It’s a horrible emotion and that can ruin things not just for yourself but for others. 

I’ve always been told to look on the bright side. To be positive and optimistic – which is easier said than done.

But sometimes we all just need to have our moment and be angry.

Heck anger is probably one of the best emotions as it can help you see things clearer.

Over the past few months I’ve felt guilty about being angry.

I’ve felt guilty about feeling upset and showing it rather than bottling it up inside.

We’re taught to forgive and forget and that ‘life’s too short’. 

I even felt a bit guilty at the thought of writing this blog post. Then I asked myself why?

Anger isn’t a pleasant emotion but if we’re upset then surely there has to be a good reason.

Sometimes it’s because of our own personal issues.

I’ve spoken about my issues with jealousy in the past and it’s my own personal issues that make me angry at other people from time to time. When that person actually hasn’t done anything wrong.

When Paul wants to go out with his mates on the weekend I get upset with him. Not because he wants to go out but, because I don’t have friends to go out with myself.

Despite people at work all my friends are elsewhere. But that’s what I gave up when I moved to Manchester.

But sometimes I’m angry because someone has actually hurt me.

It’s very rare for someone to get that upset without something or someone setting them off.

So why do we make people feel bad about being angry and upset?

Why do we tell them to just get over it and move on?

If someone has upset or hurt you then you have every right to show those emotions.

Everyone should be allowed a moment to be annoyed. The same way we are all allowed moments to be happy.

And if you want to be angry for a month. Then be angry for a month.

Some people might tell you that it’s not healthy to be negative all the time. But it’s all not healthy to pretend that you’re ok.

If you need to take up boxercise to get the anger out of your system then do it.

If you need to not answer the phone every time someone rings then don’t.

We’re taught not to hold grudges, but sometimes it’s for the best. 

We’re taught to forgive and forget, but sometimes we need to let go and move on.

If I had forgiven every ex-boyfriend I have ever had then I never would have met Paul.

Sometimes it’s being angry at someone who makes you realise that you’re better off without them. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to ‘get over it’, or stop being angry or holding a grudge. Because sometimes it’s the anger that can stop you from making a bad decision.

We can all stumble through life with our rose-tinted glasses on. But it’s the emotions and moments that make you see things clearer that are the most important.

Don’t be scared to be angry. Don’t feel guilty about being upset. You’re human. You have emotions and every one of them is important.


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