The Netflix shows you should already be watching!

This Bank Holiday weekend has been pretty shit weather wise. So unless you’ve been at Manchester Pride or out having a few bevs the chances are you’ve spent it indoors watching TV like myself and Paul.

I don’t despise this type of weather because it makes me just wanted to curl up with a good book or watch a really corny movie.

And with the weather turning for a colder change I thought it was about time I updated you on my ‘must watch Netflix shows’.

The majority of these are of the documentary kind but I’ve thrown in some different ones as well towards the end.


Now I probably shouldn’t be recommending anything Buzzfeed as I work for one of their ‘competitors’ but alas it’s agility pleasure of mine. 

Buzzfeed are known for writing about things we don’t always talk about, and uncovering some pretty weird parts of the internet. Their collaboration series with Netflix, ‘Follow This’ basically looks at all the trends / cultural changes happening in the world because of the internet.

I’m only 2 episodes in but I really like it so far. The episodes are only 20 minutes long so perfect if you’re looking for something to pop on before bed.


This is one of those series you just don’t want to end. Despite it being a documentary style series it hooks you like a TV show. 

Hosted by David Farrier – who is like a New Zealand version of Louis Theroux, the series looks at why people are attracted to going to places in the world infamous for crime, destruction and taboos. 

It covers everything from Escobar to radioactive cities, death and pain houses.

I actually found it super intriguing and I feel like David really helps to keep the viewer’s mind open throughout the series as we explore cultures and places that usually we would just class as weird and uninteresting. 


I haven’t found a series that’s released weekly that I get excited for since PLL ended. 

Explained is a Netflix Original that takes a popular topic and literally just explains to all to you. 

What I love about this is the wide variety of topics. The most recent one was on the female organism, yet the week before we were learning about whether or not it would be possible for scientists to stop ageing.

It’s one of those easy viewing TV shows, but without being mind numbing.


Ok so I’m kinda biased when it comes to this movie choice. I may have all of the books in this series, read them in under a day and loved them all! 

This is one of my favourite young adult romance series and what’s even better about it is the diversity in the casting!

As someone who hated bad book to screen adaptations I can gladly say that they got this one spot on!

If you’re after one of those rom-com movies that just make you feel good, but aren’t good enough to win an Oscar then this should be your go to!

Netflix have had a massive increase in their feel good corny movies recently and they’re just killing it!

Also big up to the production company who agreed not to white wash the main characters!


Ok I’m slightly cheating with this last one. Iliza has so many of her stand up shows on Netflix right now and they’re all so good that I couldn’t pick just one!

I usually don’t like female comedians but god does Iliza knock it out the park! Her jokes are spot on and relatable! She’s a realistic feminist and I love that about her. 

I also love how that when watching her shows Paul actually laughed, which he rarely does with female comedians because their jokes don’t tend to be for a mixed audience.

If you’re having a girly night in and fancy a laugh then stick on one of her Netflix specials – I promise you won’t regret it!

Let me know in the comments what Netflix shows you’ve been watching recently and what you would recommend!



  1. September 6, 2018 / 6:51 pm

    I loved To All The Boys I’d Loved Before! 🙂
    Iliza sounds great; I didn’t realise there is stand up on Netflix!

    Rosie x

    • September 6, 2018 / 7:28 pm

      Yeah Netflix have really upped their stand up game recently!

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