A guide to Manchester: The Instagram spots you wouldn’t have thought about

JustEmmi.com emmixbowles Manchester Town Hall

The view from King Street Town House

I love Manchester. I also have since before I moved here. My job revolves around Manchester and exploring the city but it’s something I love to do in my spare time as well!

Which is why I’ve decided to start a Manchester guide series on this blog. I want everyone else to realise how awesome this city really is.

Being a blogger and a lover of Instagram it only makes sense to start this series off with some of the most photogenic spots in the city centre.

There are loads of places in the city centre of Manchester that have been photographed thousands of times but I’m going to focus on the place that I personally love!

JustEmmi.com emmixbowles Manchester Mackie Mayor

Mackie Mayor

Mackie Mayor is Manchester’s latest food hall and replicated the Altrincham Food Hall with the same vendors on offer.

Now if you’re a blogger you’re not going to have a full outfit shoot here but it’s the perfect place to get those candid shots, and it’s heaven for food bloggers!

Everything about this building is Instagramable from the floor to the ceiling.

It’s not the cheapest of places to grab a bite to eat but the food is both delicious and aesthetically pleasing.

It can get super busy though and it can be hard to find a table so make sure you head there early or after the lunch time rush.

Flourish is a pop up flower stall in Manchester – they have several locations but my favourite is this one – down the alleyway near Debenhams on Market Street.

The flowers may not be the same price as those Tesco ones but they are gorgeous and the stall is always full of life! Even during the recent heatwave we had this summer it was bursting with colour!

JustEmmi.com emmixbowles Manchester

Frog Turner Street

Another floral photo spot is Frog. They’re a florist with an amazing front door display.

If you’re local to Manchester the you’ll probably know them most for updating the Albert Schloss front display every so often.

Manchester has so many pretty spots but there are also areas that might not sound nice on paper but can make for a great photo or two.

The back alleys of Manchester are full of surprises, from hidden graffiti to old fire escapes.

Each back street has its own story to tell and it’s one of the main things I love about Manchester.

My favourite piece of artwork is the above which is part of the Cities Of Hope series.

But it’s not all about obviously Instagramable pieces. For me I just love the red bricks and how the buildings tower over you.

It’s no wonder that so many movies are filmed in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Northern Quarter Alley

But of course not everyone likes the rustic look which I can totally understand.

Manchester is one of those cities where things aren’t obvious. We don’t have angel wings on the side of a building for bloggers to take photos against, or pastel coloured walls up for grabs for a photo shoot.

Manchester is rough. It’s unfinished in part but it’s real and if you’re willing to look then you will find some amazing spots!

If you’d like to see another post but about the more polished, cliché typical blogger Instagram spots let me know in the comments.

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