Weekend regret is real, but I regret nothing

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I read a post the other week by Debs over at Bang on Style about ‘weekend regret’ and I related so much to it.

Every Sunday night I wonder where the weekend went and why I didn’t do anything fun or adventurous. It makes me want to try to be more outgoing and do exciting things with my time off.

Whether it’s traveling, exploring, decorating and being productive or just making memories with friends and Paul. Being more spontaneous with my weekends is very high up on my to do list.

This weekend I was on my own as Paul had gone camping and I could have done so many exciting things and been spontaneous. But instead I decided to have a spontaneous weekend in bed.

Do I regret it? Heck no!

God it was what I needed!

I love going on new adventures. Sometimes Paul and I will just drive to get lost and find somewhere new. And sometimes we will spend all weekend marathoning a new TV series on Netflix.

Some people might say we’re wasting time. that we’re only young once and we should be out there doing amazing things like horse riding and sky diving – way up for horse riding btw!

But sometimes we need that time at home. We need to rest and just have a slumped on the sofa kinda day.

JustEmmi.com emmixbowles instagram weekend phone lazy break life lifestyle blogger

For me I took it upon myself this weekend to watch all those crappy Netflix original movies that are overly cheesy and soppy but still make you feel all the feels.

I needed to switch off from work. Scroll through my Instagram feed and have a good nosey.

I needed a good cry, a good laugh and a ‘I want to go on a date like American teenager do in soppy movies’ moment.

We shouldn’t feel regret over how we spend our time. We can learn from how we’ve spent our time and maybe spend it better in the future. But we should just do what we need to do.

This weekend I needed to stay at home and have a chill done. I needed to sleep most of Saturday and I needed to have some time to myself.

The same way Paul needed to go camping with his mates and have some ‘guy time’.

Too many of us spend our weekends trying to pack everything into it that we end up regretting not making time for that extra thing to go along with the other 21 things you had planned to do.

Make your weekend about you and what you want to do not about what you should do or what you’re expected to do – unless it’s cleaning up because that shit’s important and needs to be done. Nobody wants a nasty smelling house!

How did you spend you weekend?



  1. August 19, 2018 / 6:02 pm

    I totally relate to this! I had planned to do quite a lot this weekend, but actually after an extremely busy week away with work, I actually just wanted to sleep. And whilst I keep on having the odd pang of guilt that I wasn’t super productive, it was completely what I needed and I feel so much better for it!

    Sammy x | http://www.cityofsimplicity.co.uk

    • August 19, 2018 / 6:38 pm

      Sometimes we all need tome to recharge

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