9 things I’ve learnt from living with my boyfriend for a year

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It’s actually been a 13 months since Paul and I moved in together, and besides being shocked at how fast a year’s gone by, I’m actually really surprised at how much we’ve learnt about each other during the past year.


I’ve never been one of those people who say that they don’t snore when they do. But I’ve also never said that I do snore…

I’m assuming that I’ve always snored but nobody has ever told me, so of course leave it to  Paul to drop that bombshell.

Paul at one point even recorded me and played it to his whole family to prove that I snore. Luckily for me he’s worse and his whole family know that he’s worse.


I honestly can’t remember the last time we watched live TV together besides sport. The truth is there’s never anything on that we both want to watch. Adverts are annoying. Not being able to pause it (we watch Tv through the Playstation) is just horrible and let’s be real, Netflix is better.


We’ve all used that cheeky line. Ooo let’s get one together, it’ll save water… nudge nudge hint hint. Pretending that you’re trying to save the planet when the reality is you just want to get naked together.

Well I’m here to tell you that it definitely does not save any water.

You spend so long trying to move around so the other person can get warm, before having to swap again to wash your hair, only to point the water at them because they’ve got soap in their eyes. Heck you may as well have a bath at this rate.


Paul and I try to split things equally. We both pay the same towards the bills and the house. He pays for the internet and I pay for other things like the sofa and Tv license. But when it comes to trying to make everything fair it’s not that easy.

We take it in turns to buy the shopping but it’s not going to come to the same amount every month. Nor is the weekend takeaway or meal out. Before you know it one of you is skint and the other is rolling in it.


When I was at Uni meal times were great. I could eat what I want. Plan what I was going to have that week and decide on the night.

Now Paul and I live together we have to think about what the other person likes and dislikes. Cook at set times depending on when we’re both home. And for the most part we never stick with it because one of us always changes our minds.


The amount of socks we go through is ridiculous. I’ll buy a load for me to replace those that were lost, only for them to end up in his draw. The same happens when I buy him new ones.

You just can’t tell the difference and before you know it we just end up sharing socks.


The amount of times we repeat ourselves just goes up daily. It’s not just communicating when to go to the shops, or who’s turn it is to take the bin out. It’s everything from remember what needs to be done that day to what food we need to use up.

Paul says I nag him and I probably do, but his famous words are ‘I forgot’ so I have a reason for always repeating myself.


There are a lot of things Paul and I agree on but there are also many that we don’t. Cooking is one of them. We both have different ways of doing things some of which we’ve adapted from each other, but most of which we’ve stuck with.

And that’s ok. Just like a team we bring different things to the table and it’s our job to figure out what’s going to work best.


Something we learned early on when we moved in together was that although we love each other and like being together, we also need that time apart.

We can’t go from only seeing each other on the weekends to now living onto of each other 24/7.

He needs to go out and see his friends and play football and I need time to binge Project Runway and write blog posts. It doesn’t mean that we don’t want to be together. It’s just our little personal time.

I’d love to know what you’ve learnt from living with your partner and what advice you’d give to someone about to move in with their loved one.



  1. July 17, 2018 / 6:22 am

    I loved this post – I’ve been living with my boyfriend now for 3 years and some of these are so true for us too! We used to struggle so much trying to split everything and make it fair to the point that we would literally do our food shopping in two transactions and transfer each other half of things to make sure it was equal (mainly because we were both poor students to begin with) but also you are so right about it being about communication and also compromise – we’ve almost got it all sussed nowadays but there’s always going to be a couple of things you do differently or disagree on! Thank you for sharing such an honest account! X

    • July 17, 2018 / 6:34 am

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I think after awhile you get into a good routine but like you said there’s always going to be those things you disagree on or don’t like but you work it out

      • July 17, 2018 / 6:49 am

        Exactly! It’s all about knowing each other really xx

  2. July 17, 2018 / 9:56 pm

    Loved this post! I’ve been living with my boyfriend for nearly a year and this is so accurate! We do have set jobs now when it comes to housework as I’m not strong enough to take the bin out and I can’t cook unless it’s a throw in the oven dinner

    • July 18, 2018 / 7:54 pm

      We’ve got these unspoken jobs where I do the washing up and the clothes wash and he does the recycling and the bin. You just fall into a routine don’t you

  3. July 22, 2018 / 12:58 pm

    This pretty much sounds like me and my boyfriend. He would also agree about me snoring. I’m also starting to learn how important it is for us to have time apart so thanks for this article, it was a lovely read.

    • July 22, 2018 / 12:59 pm

      I’m glad you can relate and it’s not just me! Haha

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