Embracing change

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This month has been a bit of a turning point in my life.

I’m about to turn 22. It’s no longer acceptable for me to class turkey dinosaurs and spaghetti hoops as a decent meal; and I’m having to stop spending money on slogan tee’s and cute mugs and start saving it towards a house deposit.

We’re mid way thought the year and I’m starting to really think about where I want the next 6 months to go.

It’s really easy to just stay in a rut or continue on without making any changes but as my old lecturer once said to me, you’re comfort zone is great but nothing ever grows there.

So I’ve decided to stand up, get out of my comfort zone and embrace the changes in my life, starting with my appearance.

I’ve never been a ‘girly’ girl that worse dresses or cared about make up. But the older I get the more I see myself changing and wanting to try new things.

Despite actually liking dresses and heels and make up I’ve always shed away from it because I think I’m going to look stupid or that it won’t suit me.

I’ve always drowned myself in baby t-shirts and hoodies – which isn’t ideal in this weather. So I finally bit the bullet and bought myself some dresses that I can wear to work.

It’s a massive change for me as I’d only really wear dresses on nights out (which I don’t have many of) or on holiday (which is a distant memory). It’s the same with make up. I rarely bother getting dolled up but the older I’m getting the more I’m taking an interest in it.

I’ve actually written a blog post a few years ago about why I didn’t like make up, but I guess it’s like wine. When you’re younger you don’t think much of it, but then something clicks when you’reĀ in your 20’s and then bam, it’s all the rage.

The fact that I’m changing and so are my tastes is super scary but something that I’m also welcoming.

For me it feels like that ‘finding yourself’ moment people say you have when you’re at university – except mine decided to wait until I’d left.

I’m no longer the same person I was last year, let alone 3 years ago.

Everything about me is constantly changing so therefore why should my wardrobe or make up bag stay the same?

The same goes for this blog. My posts aren’t the same as they were when I first started this blog – mainly because I’ve tried to make it about myself and my life which is ever-changing.

Does this mean that my blog is going to change rapidly as my preferences and opinions do? No, I’m never going to become a fashion and beauty blogger, nor am I going to become a scientist. I don’t have that big of an interested in it.

But as I change so will my blog, the clothes I wear and the things I do. I’m still finding my feet in this new me, but I’m embracing it. What’s the worst that can happen?


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