Why tea is always the answer

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If you didn’t know already I LOVE tea. I’m a tea-aholic. SO when Teapigs (one of my favourite tea brands) asked me if I wanted to be a Brand Ambassador, you can imagine how much my eyes just lit up.

Ok that’s an understatement. I did a little happy dance before replying to their email.

Tea is something I always turn to no matter how I’m feeling. It could be my wake up call, my night time wind down, my pick me up or my take a break brew.

For many people they eat sweets, chocolate and have their comfort food – I have that too. But for me it’s tea that gets me through the day.

Now most of us are probably used to our PG Tips or Yorkshire Tea – heck I love me a good builders brew.

But there are hundreds of teas out there that are designed to be enjoyed at different times of day, for different effects on the body and to help with your moods.

Teapigs for me are perfect when it comes to making new concoctions and putting ideas together to come up with something that not only tastes amazing but is natural and makes your day better.

I wanted to share with you the different tea’s I drink and what for.


This for me is my go to ‘pick me up’ tea. Honestly it’s so comforting and gives me that extra boost. I used to just make my tea really sweet with lots of sugar – which turns out isn’t good for you.

So now I drink Darjeeling Earl Grey because it has a sweet, fruiter taste meaning I don’t need excess amounts of sugar.


This pretty much is what it says on the tin. It’s your typical builders brew and for me my standard everyday tea.

It has a slightly different taste than your Yorkshire Teas and PG Tips, but it’s still got that British brew feel to it.


This is a new one I’ve only recently started trying as it’s part of the new Teapigs Feel Good range.

We’ve all heard that green tea helps with your metabolism – queue the millions of women who have a cup of green tea and expect to lose weight instantly.

Trim tea is similar to how green tea helps to boost your metabolism and is really good if you’re feeling bloated.

It does contain liquorice root though – which I’m not a fan of taste wise and people with hypertension should avoid excessive consumption. But it’s still great for when you need that extra helping hand before/after a workout.


Now I like lavender. I have every Sleepy Lush product that they’ve made and it’s my go too in the winter. But never did I think a lavender tea would help me sleep.

I also didn’t think it would taste nice but the flavour is very light and luckily you don’t feel like you’re drinking flowers.

I don’t find it hard to sleep as such – I’m just a restless sleeper. But this tea has been helping to get me ready to drop off.

I could go on and on talking about tea and how it makes me feel and why I love it but I presume not everyone who reads my blog is a tea fanatic.

There are also 4 more teas that Teapigs sent me as part of their Feel Good range which I’m still yet to try. For my thoughts on them check out my Instagram as I’ll be doing posts and stories about them over the next month.


*As part of becoming a Brand Ambassador for Teapigs I am gifted some of their teas in exchange for content creation. This is not a paid post. All opinions are my own and I only work with brands that I honestly trust and would buy products from.


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