Why the blogging hype is well and truly over

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We all knew it deep down. It was bound to happen at some point. We just didn’t realise how quickly it would happen.

You might not think so, but for me the blogging hype has well and truly died down.

Just like how YouTube died down and blogging picked up, everyone is moving to Instagram stories and podcasts – whilst updating their blogs every so often.

I’m not saying blogging is dead but I’ve defiantly felt the shift recently. Heck my following has stumped on Twitter, Facebook and my blog but Instagram keeps picking up.

All I have to do is look at my Bloglovin’ following feed to see that people are writing less posts than they used to. But their Instagram stories are booming with fresh content!

Many bloggers have even started up podcasts as well – which is fair to say is the trend of 2018.

I was even going to start one up myself for my own blog as well as The Growing Up Guide – Don’t ask what’s happening with that one because I don’t even know.

But there’s nothing wrong with shifting your content elsewhere. Just like there’s nothing wrong with taking a break from blogging – god knows I’ve been absent recently.

But this isn’t because I’ve fallen out with blogging or because I’m spending more time on Instagram or thinking up Podcast ideas. It’s purely because I needed a creative break.

When every man and his dog decided to create a blog last year the whole industry became saturated and with that came to lack of original ideas. Everyone was writing the same thing and it was so hard to get your content seen and noticed.

Now the blogging hype is dying down it’s even harder to find original ideas because everyone else has already done it. To top that off people aren’t reading blogs as much as they were last year.

I for one am guilt of this. I just click ‘mark as read’ on 90% of the blogs I follow because I’m not interested in the content at the moment or I don’t have time to sit down and read it.

But I’m not alone.

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Take some of the ‘bigger bloggers’ for example. They’ve stopped doing shopping posts on their blogs and are instead moving it to Instagram – if you’re not waiting all week for the Hannah Gale Top 10 on her story then you need to be!

Make up tutorials are being taken off YouTube and moved to Insta stories. An in-depth blog post is being made into an easy listening podcast that followers can stick on their phone for something to do on the way to work.

Heck I’d rather listen to a Me and Orla podcast that read a 1000 word blog post in the morning.

The digital world is changing and so is how we consume content. We all want quick, fun content not long, well thought out blog posts. Nobody’s got time for it anymore.

This doesn’t mean that we’re all going to stop blogging and make podcasts and have Instagram swipe up stories. It just means that we’re all having to adapt how we create content and how we put it across to our audiences.

It’s not something to be upset over or any reason to jus stop blogging. Just because it’s not the “in thing” anymore doesn’t mean you have to stop. The same way that just because podcasts are the new trend doesn’t mean that you have to start one.

Emmi from CarpeDiemEmmie wrote a great piece about how people aren’t blogging for the same reasons anymore.

No matter what you do, blog, make videos, run a podcast or all three, as long as you’re doing it because you enjoy it surely that’s all that should matter.

I could have sacked off JustEmmi ages ago but I didn’t because I enjoy it. Whether I make money from my blog or if people read it or not doesn’t bother me. It’s my own little project and I’m proud of it.

Don’t stop doing something just because it’s not a ‘trend’ anymore, and also don’t do something just because everyone else is.

The blogging hype might be over but you don’t have to stop.

Do you think the blogging hype is over? Tell me your thoughts in the comments




  1. April 30, 2018 / 11:21 pm

    I think you are very intelligent and brilliant and I think that shows in your writing!
    Alright, now that I have got the compliments out of the way, I think you are absolutely right that the way we consume digital content is changing. I too have seen people shift away from “boring old writing” to more visual and interactive content. I guess we’ll just have to see where it goes and keep up with the innovation!

    • April 30, 2018 / 11:23 pm

      You need to stop with the compliments or my head will get too big haha but yes I think only time will tell

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