Manchester, my home


Manchester. It’s very similar place to where I grew up – Cornwall.

There are lots of cafes and public transport. It rains 6 days a week and tourist flock to region 12 months of the year.

Maybe this is why I’ve always felt at home in this city, or maybe it’s because I was a city girl living the country gal life for 18 years of my 21.

I can’t remember the exact moment that I realised this red brick city was now the place I f let most at home, it just is.

It wasn’t as if I just woke up one day and decided that I was officially happy here and that I would never leave. It just happened.

As we grow up we say to ourselves that we’ll miss home and the place where we were born. But besides memories and a few family members there isn’t really any other reason as to why that location is ‘home’.

When I moved to university I kept saying how weird it was telling people I was going home in reference to my new flat. The truth was it didn’t feel like home there because I was alone.

All my friends and family were in Cornwall. I was in a strange city and I didn’t;t really know anyone. It was like a summer camp from hell.

But that didn’t mean that it wasn’t my home.

It took a few years but Preston soon became my home and for the most part I liked it.

Manchester was different though.

After dating Paul for 4 years I had become accustomed to the city. Before we even moved to Manchester I had already gotten to know the city centre better than Paul did.

It still baffles him to this day how I know my way around back streets and shortcuts better than he knows the back of his hand.

Manchester just has something about it that made me fall in love with the city instantly.

I’ve moved ‘homes’ five times since leaving Cornwall and Manchester was the only place where there wasn’t that weird ‘adjustment period’.

It was like everything just clicked.

I might not be a born and read Mancunian. I might not have curry sauce or gravy on my chips and I might still drink a milky brew. But Manchester is my home.

Even now when I visit Cornwall, after a few days I’m ready to go home. Back up North where I belong.

Besides my family there’s really nothing in Cornwall for me anymore.

I’ve grown up.

I have my own life, family, friends and a home here in Manchester. My whole future is based in this city. That’s what makes it my home. The endless possibilities. The people who I want to surround myself with and the memories I want to make. They all involve this amazing city in someway.

It’s my home and I’m proud of that!


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