The Cafe Hop: Pot Kettle Black

After a little break from blogging to recover from stress and a terrible mini flu I’m back with a post about tea and brunch (of course).

I couldn’t;t let a month go by without a new Cafe Hop post and after taking a few trips to Pot Kettle Black recently I knew it had to be next on my list.

Pot Kettle Black is my closet coffee shop to work and is located inside Barton Arcade on Deansgate.

You wouldn’t think that there would be a very swanky coffee shop nested inside an old building just round the corner from Maccies and Gregs, but Manchester is full of surprises.

For me Pot Kettle Black is the place people who really like a good brunch go for brunch. None of this bottomless prosecco brunches or American pancakes. No this is the queen of brunches.

Now I love brunch and the ‘posh-er’ side of me loves things that sound post when you read them aloud even more, so the menu was perfect!

Of course they serve the classic pastries, eggs Benedict and porridge but they also have a lot of things on the menu that I’d never heard of before – but they looked delicious.

Being the fake posh person that I am I obviously went for the eggs Benedict and I was so glad I did. I honestly have never loved eggs Benedict more that I did that day. They were absolutely amazing! Eggstatic! I mean just look at them for one!

Moving on from my eggs, the drinks selection is brilliant here. Whether its coffee, tea, hot chocolate or something completely different that you’re after they’ve got it.

Personally I go for the tea 9 out of 10 times but the hot chocolate is really good too.

When it comes to cafe’s in Manchester my favourite thing is probably the little extra touches they add. PKB’s is the biscuit you get with your brew and the glass of water you get with hot chocolates and coffees. It just adds that something extra.

Although I mentioned that the decor is swanky it’s actually very simple at the same time. Wooden tables and chairs with cushions to lighten things up. It’s very modern and natural at the same time.

The only thing I dislike about the venue is that it cane get very cramped during busy periods and a window seat isn’t always easy when you have a lot of shopping bags.

But they make up for this with their ‘outdoor’ seating area.

I say ‘outdoor’ because it’s still technically inside the arcade just outside the walls of PKB. These are great when it’s busy and make for awesome photo shoots.

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Pot Kettle Black isn’t one of my favourite cafe’s in Manchester but it’s one that I’d go to for meetings and for a nice lunch rather than to work for a few hours – although they do have really good wi-fi I’ve been told.

If you’re looking for somewhere to take your Mum, Aunt or Gran for a ‘posh’ but reasonable lunch then PKB is your gal!

I hope you’re enjoying this cafe hop series, and if you have any suggestions of where to go next leave them in the comments!



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