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If you’re not listening to a podcast then what are you doing!? The podcast hype has been going around for ages now and is still very present. Being the trendsetter that I am, I thought I’d jump on the craze and boy I was not expecting to enjoy them.

Besides music I’m not great at listening. I tend to wander off into my own little world. If I listen to an audiobook I have to rewind it multiple times just to remember what was said, so I didn’t have high hopes for podcasts.

But it turns out they are completely different. Not only do I remember everything that was said but I listen intently, and come away feeling motivated and ready for the next episode.

Podcasts have been a big thing for me this year so far. They get me through my commute to and from work as well as giving me that extra push to do things I’ve been holding back on.

In order to share the motivational and inspirational podcast love here are my favourites to listen to and the ones that have given me that extra push in life.


This was the first podcast I started listening to and if you’re looking for somewhere to start then this is it.

Hosted by Hayley Carr, Made Online is all about the many different ways people have been able to find themselves, create jobs and business and essentially make them who they are today from the online world.

With guests from all sorts of backgrounds there is something for everyone. I was personally very happy to find Bloggers, Instagramers and brands that I recognised being guests on this podcast as it made it a lot easier to listen to


The Me and Orla podcast hosted by Sara Tasker is perfect if you’re obsessed with Instagram. As someone known for her amazing photography and Instagram growth over the years there’s really no-one better to speak about the issues covered in this podcast.

Sara talks about everything from why you should add a newsletter to your website/blog to how to not get too bogged down with the algorithm change on IG.

Her voice is so soothing and is great if you’re having a stressful day – honestly I listen to her podcast in work when I’m busy and it makes everything seem so much better – whilst motivating me to up my IG game.


This podcast is one that I came across through the We Blog North group. Hosted by the amazing Kat Horrocks, the podcast looks into how you can achieve your goals and dreams, whilst interview people who have done just that.

I was given the chance to meet up with Kat and some other women and discuss goals setting and just like her podcast, I came away feel super motivated and like I knew exactly what to do with my life.

Whether you’ve got small or big goals that you want to achieve, Kat’s podcast and workbook will really help you set things in motion.


Now I’m not going to lie, at first I didn’t think I’d enjoy this. I’m not a fan of just chatty things whether it be podcasts, YouTube videos, vlogs etc. But this podcast hosted by bloggers Liv Purvis and Charlotte Jacklin has changed my opinion on them.

The Fringe of It is a brand new podcast where the two friends meet up and discuss set topics like they normally would when they meet up in general.

You’re taken inside their homes and into their world and it honestly feels like you’re sat on the sofa having a natter with some old school mates.

It’s a really refreshed take on a podcast from what I’ve been listening to so far and I like having this as my wind down listening. It’s not as structured as the question answer style podcasts with guests on them.

These podcasts have been changing the way I think, giving me motivation and ultimately taking over my commute to and from work. They’ve also made me realise that just like a blog, anyone if they want to, can start a podcast.



  1. March 11, 2018 / 2:37 pm

    I recently got into podcasts and it’s literally my newest addiction!!

  2. March 11, 2018 / 10:50 pm

    I’ve been looking for more podcasts to have a listen to! I went through a phase where I was really into them, and then the phased just ended- definitely going to give some of these a listen :)x

  3. March 13, 2018 / 9:15 pm

    I love podcasts too! I’ve only listened to one of these, so I’ll definitely check them out! Thanks for the recommendation Emmi xxx

    Melina |

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