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JustEmmi.com Emmi Bowles Chester

One of my main goals this year is to try to travel more. Unfortunately I’m not being whisked away for far off countries for sun, sea and cocktails, but instead I’m spending my days off out and about finding new places near Manchester.

With my best friend Abi living just outside Liverpool, Chester seemed like the ideal place to meet up for a spot of cafe hopping, photo taking and catch up chatting.

Although Chester is meant to be a beautiful city full of architecture, culture and shops, we just so happened to pick the one day when it wouldn’t stop snowing/raining – hence why the photographs aren’t are flattering as I’d like.

But despite the weather we plough on.

Luckily for me Abi was quite the tour guide seeing as she works in the city and has been many a times – mostly on nights out so I got the low down on where all the best places to go are for some cheap cocktails and good music.

JustEmmi.com Emmi Bowles Chester

JustEmmi.com Emmi Bowles Chester

The main reason why I’ve been wanting to go to Chester for a while now is because of the old buildings and architecture. I’ve been told it’s very much like York – another place I want to go.

I’m used to older styled buildings due to being brought up in Cornwall, but nothing quite like this. Cornwall is more old brick and thatched roofs, where as Chester makes me feel Shakespearean.

At one point I was going to ask Abi to take a photo of me on one of the balconies acting like Juliet.

But despite the old, there are still many modern and new places weaving their way into the city.

JustEmmi.com Emmi Bowles Chester

Personally I love this. When old meets the new. It’s something I actually admire when it comes to the way companies, shops and councils bring new exciting shops or businesses into a city but still keep the old architecture.

Instead of getting rid of the history and culture they work with it making it somewhere people want to be.

I also think that structured buildings really do complement certain shops and can add to that luxury factor compared to the modern look of glass walls and spotlights outside the store.

JustEmmi.com Chester cakes

Although most of our day was spent in and out of coffee shops – Jaunty Goat is a must visit if you do go, their brunch menu is delicious, not to mention their selection of cakes – I actually got to learn a lot about the city.

We took a tour of the Cathedral – I say tour, it was basically Abi telling me everything she knew about it (which was a lot).

JustEmmi.com Emmi Bowles Chester travel

JustEmmi.com Emmi Bowles Chester

I also got to the famous Chester clock – where we had a bit of a photoshoot (that’s Abi not me).

Fun fact: it’s the second most photographed clock in England – after Big Ben of course.

I have to admit though, despite the horrendous weather Chester was actually pretty great – the amazing busker in the middle of the city centre also helped little our spirits.

It’s definitely a city I could spend a lot of time in, especially when the weather gets a bit warmer and  brighter.

It’s surprising what’s just on your doorstep when you actually go out there and look – or take an hour train journey for an adventure.

I’d love to know where in the UK you’ve been and where you think I should go next.






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