How I’m learning to appreciate our memories together

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Paul and I have been together for nearly 5 years now. That’s almost half a decade!

But despite our romantic endeavours we’ve only got a handful of photos together. A few from our holiday together, one from my graduation and a couple of others from days out.

In 2018 a couple who have been together a few months probably have more photos together than we do. But the truth is, we’re not like other couples.

We’re polar opposites. I love the idea of photos and photography, and Paul would rather hide in the background than have someone point a camera in his face.

As you can imagine this means that we also don’t upload photos of each other to social media. I mean Paul doesn’t even really know what Instagram is nor why I bother with it.

But just because your holiday snaps aren’t going to end up on social media doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take them right?

In fact it’s actually a reason as to why you should take photographs together.

Photography used to be something very intimate. We all used to have those disposable cameras with only a certain number of shots available.

When we eventually got around to getting them developed we would only received a few copies. This meant those photos became special keep-sakes that we’d keep safe in an album or scrap-book only to drag out when people come round.

When you’re in a relationship making memories and savouring them is so important.

It gives you something to look back on together and it helps you to remember the happy moments rather than the times they might have annoyed you.

This is why I decided to partner up with Printiki this month to collect all our memories together in the form of physical photos.

Whether you put them in a scrap-book, or display them around the house, having physical copies of your memories together is not only a great Valentines gift, but it makes your relationship feel more intimate and personal.

Paul and I have photos together from our trip to the Lake District over the summer, but only a few have seen the light of day.

So now we have these memories and moments together that haven’t been shared with the world, making them all the more special.

The same goes for our holiday snaps.

Although we posted quite a few on social media there are some that we’ve kept to ourselves, the same way we have memories that stay between us. Almost like our own instead joke/story.

In this day and age we are so obsessed with documenting every moment of our lives that we don’t stop to really appreciate each of these moments.

We’ve all been there when our parents or grandparents get out the photo albums. And although we may cringe at the hideous outfits we used to wear and embarrassing pictures that were taken of us, we still get this warm fuzzy feeling looking back through them.

That warm fuzzy feeling isn’t as warm and fuzzy when we’re scrolling through our old Facebook profile pics, or our terrible first Instagram squares.

This is why I’ve challenged myself this year to take photos of our memories together and pick out a few every few months to print off and collate together.

Whether it’s going to turn into a scrap-book, a wall gallery or just a nice little folder of memories, who knows? It might even become a mini craft project to give to him on our anniversary or Valentines day next year.

I’d love to know what you do with your photos and memories. Do you have a scrapbook or a keep-sake box? Do you frame them all and put them all over your house?

If you want to print off your memories to keep forever then you can get free shipping with Printiki with my code: XGZ7RVSS

This post includes gifted items, but all opinions and words are my own.






  1. February 12, 2018 / 10:47 pm

    My partner and I have been together for 34 years (married for 28 of those); aside from our wedding, there are no photos of us together (unless we have a long term stalker somewhere out there). We just prefer to live our lives rather than photograph it. I love the romantic idea of dragging out the album to moon over now and then but the truth is we didn’t once look at our wedding album; it was lost in a house move ten years ago (we think) and neither of us noticed.

    I applaud your urge to document, but it’s just not in my nature to do the same.

    • February 12, 2018 / 10:57 pm

      Every couple is different and for me it’s more about the photos of the places we go and things we see than each other.

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