The importance of the little things in a relationship

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With Valentines Day approaching it’s got me thinking a lot about mine and Paul’s relationship with the holiday, gift giving and how much money we spend on each other.

The truth is besides the odd pricey Christmas or Birthday present we’re not ones to splash the cash.

Our relationship is very much based on cuddles, making each other cups of tea, taking it in turns to pay for the weekend takeaway, and giving in and letting the other person pick the Netflix movie.

That’s why this Valentines we aren’t doing presents – although Paul really wants a ¬£50 PS4 game and I’m eyeing up a Channel perfume we’ve said not to the expensive gifts.

It’s just not us. We don’t got out on the town drinking cocktails or buying each other expensive jewellery for the sake of it.

We’re that quite couple who are quite content with a Dominos and a movie night.

But this got me thinking about over couples and how much money that spend on a single day – which has been commercialised by the corporate companies who want to make a pretty penny out of our love.

When it comes to Valentines we should all be focusing on small things. Heck you shouldn’t have to buy a gift for the sake of it, let alone cards, jewellery a weekend away and another surprise onto of all that.

But if you do want to buy a gift then something¬†thoughtful rather than something that’s going to put you out of pocket for the rest of the month.

For me the gift that’s both thoughtful, and not going to break the bank has to be flowers.

I’ve received supermarket flowers, delivery service flowers and garden centre flowers – all of which were in a decent price range, lasted me a minimum of a week and lit my eyes up with joy.

There’s something about a man walking in with a bouquet in his hands that just makes you forget about every silly thing he’s ever done to annoy you – why Paul doesn’t buy me flowers more often I don’t know…

But I honestly don’t think it’d ever be disappointed with flowers. I received an amazing bouquet from Prestige Flowers last week and it honestly made my day!

They may not last forever but they make the room smell amazing, they add colour to the house and just overall make you feel more positive and happy.

For some reason men think that we’re these complex machines that they don’t understand how to work. When the reality is we’re pretty simple.

All they have to do is order us a nice bouquet online, come home with our favourite chocolates and let us pick whatever chick flick/romcom/Disney movie we want to watch and we’re happy.

Valentines shouldn’t be about out doing each other on gifts or expensive meals out where but more a day to reflect on your relationship and show them just how much you appreciate them.

Personally I think we should all be showing out love to our partners 365 days of the year.

But if you can’t afford to buy flowers or chocolates for them every month then February 14th is a really good day to do it.

This post includes gifted items, but all opinions and words are my own.





  1. Kaiesha Stewart
    February 5, 2018 / 6:43 pm

    I agree with this 100%, and I posted a thoughtful gift guide on my blog yesterday because I just don’t agree with giving general gifts for Valentine’s Day. For one, as you said, it’s fully commercialised and a money making event. And two, it’s a day of love, so show love, spend time together and if you choose to gift give (I still do), it should be more thoughtful, often cringy keepsake gifts as opposed to the presents you’d give at birthdays etc. I hope you both have a lovely Valentine’s Day together! x

  2. February 5, 2018 / 8:47 pm

    We don’t do Valentines day either (or any other major commercial holiday) and we have been together for 32 years this year. For us it’s about realizing that success in marriage isn’t about love (not romantic love anyway) it’s about being there and doing what has to be done, no matter what that is.

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