Blogging 101: Finding your niche

Blogging 101 Blogtober Niche

Today’s Blogtober post is about one of the most important things a blogger can do to become established and find their voice.

If you’re interested in blogging or already have a blog but haven’t defined your niche yet then this needs to change! When it comes to any creative industry you need to find your own style, voice and personality and your niche comes into this.

A niche is basically the sector/topic which you focus on. It’s the thing that helps to define your blog and it’s what you (mainly) write about. It’s the thing your readers know you for – and there are so many different niche’s out there to choose from.

What’s great about the blogging community is that we’re very open to all types of niches. There are fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers, fitness bloggers, parent bloggers, vegan bloggers, book bloggers… the list is endless.

Although it might seem like you’re limiting yourself by putting your blog in this niche box, it can actually help you to improve your writing and blog as a whole.

When think about your blog do you want your readers to recognise your style of writing and posts? Or do you want them to not really know where you stand?

Having a niche will help your readers get to know you better. They’ll know what they’re going to get from you as you’ll be consistent – and usually this leads to more people wanting to follow you.

Let’s face it we all love that roulette game where you don’t know which sweet you’re going to get. But after a while it gets a bit boring and we just end up buying the sweets that we’re actually interested in.

The same goes for blogging. Everyone says that they want to read something different, but after a while we all go back to the topics and blogs that we love.

Now when it comes down to deciding on your niche you need to think about what YOU want it to be, rather than what everybody else is doing or what your followers seem to want from you.

It’s pretty clear in the blogging industry that if you’re a beauty blogger your posts are going to get more views and likes because there is a bigger market for this. But if you rarely wear make-up and have no interest in it then why bother? You can still write the odd post about it, but you don’t have to force yourself to review products and talk about make-up when it’s not a big part of your life.

Also don’t let brands and the success of other bloggers determine your niche. Just because you’ve been invited to a restaurant launch doesn’t mean that you should feel the need to create a food section on your blog.

Your niche will ultimately define you and your work. Make it something that you can be proud of and that you’ll want to keep creating content for.

After all isn’t that why we all started blogging in the first place? To talk about the things that we are interested in.

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  1. October 21, 2017 / 12:35 am

    Wow I feel as if you are speaking directly to me. Thanks for understanding the needs of the beginner blogger.

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