9 things you realise when you move out

Things you realise when you move out - JustEmmi.com

Moving out is one of the most fun and stressful experiences you will have in your 20s. It will make you want to pull out your hair but at the same time feel like a proper grown up.

Paul and I have been moved out properly for 4 months now and despite living away from home for 3 years of university there are some things that I only realised once we moved into this flat.

  1. Your home will become your baby
    I am so protective over my little home. It’s not very big or impressive but if you dare but your dirty shoes on my sofa, or spill a cup of tea on the bed then you can guarantee that you will face my wrath. – Ok that might be an exaggeration but seriously this is my special place and I don’t want anybody to ruin it.
  2. You’ll become protective over the electric
    I now understand why my parents would get angry to find the heating on and the windows open. Nothing is worse than having things run up your electric bill unnecessarily. We’ve turned into those people who put dressing gowns on and wrap up in blankets instead of sticking the heating on.
  3. Home wear is bloody expensive
    Although you’ll want to decorate every room within a week of moving in it’s not possible unless you have bucket loads of time and money. Home accessories from tea towels to furniture are bloody expensive, even in the cheaper shops. So unless you come into a bit of cash you’re just going to have to just pick things up as you go.
  4. Not having a dishwasher sucks
    I went from having a dishwasher, to having a dishwasher at uni, to moving into a student house with a dishwasher, to not having a dishwasher again. So I think I’m OK to say that not having a dishwasher bloody sucks. Especially when you’ve got more than one chore to do every night.
  5. You run out of toilet roll quicker than you’d expect
    Toilet roll is one of those things that you will always need but somehow you go through so much of it. One minute you’ve got a full pack and the next thing you know it’s disappeared. Always stock up!
  6. You won’t want to leave
    Once you settle into your new little home you won’t ever want to leave. You’ll be excited to go home and snuggle up on the sofa. It will become your safe haven and there is no shame in staying in on the weekend.
  7. Everything has its place and you’ll hate anybody changing that
    There is nothing worse than having an over helpful friend or relative come round who has big ideas about where things should be. It might logical to them but to you it’s a nightmare. You’ll have your own places for things and that’s how it should stay. God forbid you let anybody stay over if you go away – it will look like a completely different flat.
  8. You’ll feel so grown up getting bills in the post
    Receiving bills may suck, especially if they are higher than you expected, but you have to admit it makes you feel so grown up. Remember when you were younger and your parents used to always get post and you never got any besides on birthdays. Well now you can get excited every month.
  9. Thinking you left something on is a real fear
    Not going to lie, the other month I got all the way to the train station before my brain decided to alert me to the fact that I had left my hair straighteners on – so of course I had to go all the way home and miss my train just to avoid being paranoid all day. The paranoia of having your flat burn down is real when you move out. It also doesn’t help when your boyfriend is always leaving the oven on after cooking.

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  1. Z
    October 25, 2017 / 11:32 am

    Haha, so true about fearing that you left something on! Lovely read. 🙂

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