The blogs I always read without fail

Blogs I always read -

Hello lovely people. I wanted to share something a bit more positive this week as with the weather getting colder and the days getting darker it can be very easy to let the negativity creep in.

A couple of months ago I shared some of the lifestyle bloggers I love and who you should all go and check out. But today I wanted to include all genres of blogs #sharethelove. Hopefully you’ll be introduced to some new blogs as well as saying “OMG I follow them too” because let’s face it. Some bloggers are just up there in all our favourites.

So without further ado…

Hannah Gale


I mean who can I not include the amazing, funny and lovely Hannah Gale. There is a reason she was the Blogosphere Blogger of the Year! I’ve actually been following Hannah’s blog and YouTube channel for a good 3 years now after discovering it whilst at university. I’m not all that into fashion, but Hannah makes me be all that into fashion. She is queen of the lists and weekly vlogs and if you haven’t followed her yet then what they hell have you been doing for the past 5 minutes?

The Little Plum


It was because of Hannah that I found out about Chloe and her blog The Little Plum. Chloe again is a fashion/lifestyle blogger and is personally one of my favourites. She writes about everything from fashion to relationships and is very sassy, witty and just brilliant all round. If that wasn’t enough she also has the best blog outfit photography going – sorry Hannah babe.


Pint Sized Beauty


Lily and her beauty blog Pint Sized Beauty is a new one on my follow list but I look forward to a new post popping up on my Bloglovin’ every time! As I have mentioned before I’m not a fashion and beauty kinda gal but I love all of her posts, especially the beauty ones. Her flatly are on point which warms any bloggers heart. But to top this off Lily knows just how to write a blog post to make you fall in love with a product. She’s also one for introducing you to products you never knew existed.


Ok so I may have already mentioned Rhianna in my lifestyle bloggers post but I can’t not include her in this. She is one of those small/big blogger but still deserves so many more followers. Previously know as Robowecop, her blog looks at everything a girl could want from fashion to festivals. If you need blog advice, go see Rhianna. If you need flatly inspiration, go see Rhianna. This girl is my favourite on social media and on the blog and is somebody I can see going far in the blog industry.




Lauren is again one of those bloggers I’ve only recently discovered but just can’t get enough of. What I love about her blog is the variety of topics she touches upon. It’s not just full of fashion and beauty like most blogs. Instead she shares advice for bloggers, book reviews and personal posts. What’s more is her blog photography is on point!

I follow so many bloggers and as horrible as it might sound I don’t read everyone’s posts. This is because I might only follow them for certain types of posts and therefore not all of them relate to me. But you can bet that I will always read the posts from these lovely ladies, so you should check them out.

I will be doing more of these focusing on blogs I love from other genres such as beauty, books and food – so keep an eye out for those.

I’d love to know what blogs your always read so I can add them to my list.

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  1. Hello i came from indonesia, so im just reading your book and i love the consonant of your word.

    Im sorry im not to good to use english

    So i just want to tell your blog is one of my favorite โค๏ธ


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