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Todays blog post is something a little bit different for you all. I asked my amazing friend Vicky – who is also a blogger – to write a guest post about her tips for freshers. Vicky is one of my best friend that I met at university so please give her a warm welcome on this blog – and be sure to check out the guest post I did over on her blog.

Hi everyone! I’m Vicky, a third year Psychology student who also runs a beauty and lifestyle blog over at VL-Beauty. 

For many, coming to University can be one, if not the first time they have lived away from home. Not only are many people moving away from their friends and family, but they also are moving into a completely new city and moving into a flat with complete strangers. Thats how it was for me anyway. So I thought I would share with you my top tips on how to survive your first few weeks of living at University! If you would also like tips on how to survive freshers (you’ll need them!) then check out the post I did on that here.

VLBeauty things all university students need -

1) Make sure to keep in contact with your friends and family from home as the chances are they will be missing you a lot and are worrying about you

2) Keep your sweets and chocolate (treats) in your bedroom away from communal areas i.e. the kitchen, as your flatmates may get hungry and pinch your beloved chocolate fingers (speaking from experience) and if they are in your bedroom, you’ve got them on standby for a cheeky midnight feast!

3) Keep your flat/house key in a safe place. I suggest keeping it in a zipped area of your bag if you can, so that it doesn’t fall out when you’re rummaging through it!

4) Make sure you’re eating enough- it’s so easy to get ill during fresher’s, you need to fuel your body with the right stuff and keep your immune system up!

5)  Bring your favourite DVDs to uni and have your favourite snacks on standby for those homesick/hungover days.

6) Go to supermarkets in the evenings and buy the reduced goods and then freeze them.

7) Make an effort with everyone you meet, especially your flatmates and the people on your course. Also, try not to be shy and try to make the effort to introduce yourself to someone, as the likelihood is everyone will be feeling just as nervous as you are!

8) Bring fancy dress clothes with you for freshers. During freshers, there can be ‘themed’ parties such as ‘skoolies’, where people dress up in school clothes! Here is me and my friends during an event where we had to dress up as book characters- I came as ‘wheres wally’- try to spot me, if you can…

VLBeauty things all university students should know

9) Make an effort to decorate your room. Try to make it homely as you will probably be spending a lot of time in there and how you decorate it also says a lot about you and your personality.

10) On your first day of uni lectures, leave in plenty of time so that you are not late, or perhaps do a ‘dummy run’ of the journey beforehand so that you know where you are going and how long it takes you to get there.

11) Make sure to go to the freshers fair as you get lots of freebies and vouchers.

12) Make a budget planner

13) Finally, make sure you have fun! Moving to University is such an exciting time full of that independence I’m sure many of you will have dreamed of!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to head over to my blog VL-Beauty to see more posts from me!


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