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Since I started working in an office at a desk rather than running around in retail I’ve noticed I’ve been snacking a lot more than usual. As you can imaging this isn’t too great for my waistline, so I decided to make a change to this.

Oh no, I’m not stopping my snacking habit. God are you mad! Snacks keep me going.

But I definitely need to swap a few of them out if I’m going to be giving this healthy eating and gym thing a good go.

I’m a big fan of sweet things so swapping chocolate for carrot sticks isn’t my idea of fun. Nor do I like dried fruits or nuts – I know I’m a fussy bugger. But because of my strange tastes and dislikes in food I find it really hard to buy healthier things that I actually enjoy.

That was until I gave Graze a go. At first I thought it was another one of these healthy snack companies that just sold nuts, fruit and things that I don’t really like. But after having a proper look on their website I discovered the chocolate, bakery and popcorn section. Oh my god guys I was in heaven!

I’ve had a few of the Graze flapjacks before such as the Lemon Drizzle one and loved them but they are pretty pricey in shops like Tesco and Boots so I can’t afford to get them every day. But last week I ordered something from another website and along with it came a voucher for a free Graze box so I decided to use it and order myself their variety box.

You are able to pick between a sweet, savoury or a variety box and then you can narrow down what foods you do and don’t like. Goodbye nuts and cranberries and seeds! Hello chocolate, oats and popcorn!

My box arrived within a few days and I was a very, very happy bunny to see popcorn, a chocolate dipper product, a caramel dipper product and Mr Lemon Drizzle! Of course this box was free but one box costs £3.99 which is cheaper than buying the products individually so even if I had paid for it I still would have been saving money!

What’s great about these yummy treats is that although they include sugar and chocolate the portions are limited with most being 150 calories or less. I’ve also found that they give you just enough of a sugar kick to not want anything else after – hazzar the snacking stops!

I’m not nutritionist but these snacks are definitely better for me than the average sugar, fat and salt filled stuff you get addicted to. Plus most of their products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

This post isn’t sponsored by Graze in any way, I just loved the products and wanted to share them with you. Graze also gave me my own cheeky little code to share with friends and family, and we’re all friends here right…

If you want to try Graze out for yourself you can get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free with the code  EMMIB3T6P or follow this link – this will only work though if you are a new customer. If you do use it you will also be giving me a cheeky quid off my next box too!

With Graze there are no strings attached and you can cancel your subscription whenevr you want – even straight after you recieve you first free box – you might be asked for payment details but you won’t get charged until your second box is on it’s way.

Let me know what you snack on and if you’ve tried Graze before what are your favourite snacks? I’m looking forward to seeing what comes in my next box.

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Healthy snacks Graze -




  1. July 27, 2017 / 9:20 pm

    Am heavily considering signing up for Graze bc when I’m at uni I find that I snack more often as I’m living alone. Am definitely looking to at least swap to more healthy snacks!

    Carla x

    • July 27, 2017 / 9:28 pm

      I think its super affordable and helps you to eat healthy whilst still getting your sweet/savoury fix

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