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NYX Professional Makeup Foundation justemmi.comHello lovelies. I feel that you all now know me as this girl who’s really not all that into make-up which is slightly true. I’m not into make-up but not because I don’t like it but more because I can’t get along with it.

I love getting all doled up but when I end up with an orange face, black smudged eyes and dry flakey skin it just puts a downer on the whole thing. So because of this I true not to wear make-up that often. Until now!! Dun dun duuunnn.

Yes girls that’s right. This make-up disliker just became a make-up lover thanks to one main product. The NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation.

Nyx invited me down to their launch event for the foundation a few weeks back and I was pretty hesitant because heck I’m no make-up blogger. They probably took one look at me when I turned up and thought why the hell is she here. But despite my horrendous application they took me under their wing and introduced me to their new foundation and some other products as well – totally didn’t take advantage of the event and get a full face done by a pro artist….

Now we have all heard the same thing before. This foundation will make you look flawless. It will match everybody’s skin tone. It will feel like you’re wearing nothing at all whilst covering every imperfection… In all honesty I’ve always found this to be a bullshit marketing strategy.

But oh my goodness, I am going to be one of those bloggers that tell you how this product is amazing. It makes my skin look flawless, matches my skin tone perfectly and it so lightweight you can’t even tell it’s on! Cliche I know but for once the marketing is true!

NYX Total Control Foundation

The foundation itself comes in every shade you can imagine and the girls at the counter are super lovely so just ask them to match you up. Once you’ve got your shade all you need is a few drops on your brush to cover half of your face.

I’ve been using the foundation pretty much everyday for work for two weeks now and I’m not even a quarter of the way through the bottle yet. Plus a little does go a long way.

What I love about it the most besides being lightweight and matching my skin tone is that it’s a foundation with buildable coverage. Now I’m not beauty guru but I know that this is a big plus when it comes to foundations as you can use the same foundation for different purposes – nature and lightweight or high coverage for those pesky spots.

I am definitely going to be repurchasing this product along with some other NYX bits for my growing make-up bag – that’s right, this make-up hating girl is finally starting to love the stuff so expect some more make-up posts from me soon.

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