6 things I’ve learnt from moving out

Hello friends. If you saw my post earlier in the month or follow me on Instagram you will know that my boyfriend and I have moved in together! Sorry for the Insta story spam but as you can tell I love our little flat.

I apologise also for not blogging or being on social media much. I’m usually pretty good with blog posts going up three times a week but we are currently without internet until the 20th! The struggle is real. But I have been able to poach my boyfriend’s data in order to get this post up for you so big thank you to him.

I wanted to share my moving out experience with you all in true (number of things I’ve learnt…) Emmi style because we all know how much I love writing these types of posts.

Over the past three years I have moved 5 times so although I still don’t really know what I am doing, I have learnt a thing or two.


I know it’s cliché but lets face it us girls are queens when it comes to packing more than we actually need. Despite throwing one-third of my clothes and personal belongings away I still had way too much to fit in our wardrobe let alone the two cars we used to move it all.

Why do we feel the need to keep every little memento? Why do I have around 30 tea-towels? And why am I still buying more crap I don’t really need? If you have the answer then please do tell me your secret to a clutter free life. Thanks


Inevitably I ended up leaving something behind during the move – luckily it was only an old oven tray. But if I had made a check list it would have been so much easier to remember what I had and hadn’t packed. I love my lists as you all probably know from my posts on organisation and productivity, so I don’t know why we didn’t make one.

When it comes to food shopping don’t even bother going if you don’t have a list, (guilty again) especially for the first big shop you do. We ended up buying bits here and there but not enough to make a weeks worth of meals.

I did however remember to make a list for all those important bits and bobs we need to sort out.


Now if you don’t have a Pinterest board dedicated to your dream home decor are you even an adult? I have been planning how I want each room to look for weeks now only to find out that the sofas we want are too big for the living room. Should have thought about that one before pinning every dream corner sofa on pinterest Emmi.

I knew exactly what was going to go where as well, but I forgot to factor in all of my boyfriends things.

You can only plan so much before reality takes over. Being a bit of a control freak this was not ideal for me but like relationships you just learn to compromise. It might mean giving him more wardrobe space, or letting him pick the colour of the towels, but im ok with that.


The first few days /week are so strange. It feels like you’re on holiday or in an Air BnB, not your own place. I guess its like an adjustment period.it takes awhile to settle. To get used to where everything goes in a new house is one thing, let alone getting used to the habits and behaviours of another person on top of all that.

It’s like anything new, a job, a pair of shoes, a relationship. It takes awhile to get used to everywhere and wear it in. But one day it just clicks and it finally feels like home.


So we’ve got a grown-up flat and we are paying bills and council tax and I have a proper grown-up job that pays a salary. But something inside of me is still clinging to the university student of semesters past.

Next week I’ll be the big 21 and although I’m excited I’m also scared because after that my next big birthday will be 30 which freaks me out!! In fact let’s not even talk about the that.

I love being independent and no longer feeling like a school kid and getting patronised, but I just want to hold onto that tiny bit of childhood.


There is nothing more satisfying than having a clean kitchen, a tidy bedroom and a spotless bathroom. When I was at university I would clean up after myself but because I shared with other people it always ended up a mess again so in the end I kinda gave up. Now we have our own place and we are having people over we take pride in everything. Even my boyfriend has turned into a neat freak – it’s not a bad thing and it actually helps to keep on top of things like washing and cleaning.

But it’s not just the cleaning and the decor you take pride in but also the little things like where things are stored. We used to have the chair of clothes which werent clean nor dirty which would get bigger day by day. Now everything has its place and that’s how it stays. Our flat is like our little baby and we want it to look its best at all times

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  1. June 20, 2017 / 4:01 pm

    Blimey you’re most definitely more of an adult than me! Thanks for sharing what you’ve learnt, I’m with you on that even when living ‘alone’ at uni – aka needing to pay bills and definitely behind you on the whole shopping list thing! – it’s still not really your own place and as much as I tried to keep it clean there’s always that one housemate that doesn’t pull their way!

    I can’t wait to someday find my own place and exercise that Pinterest board and go all overboard with the decoration and design! But for now it’s back to my parents *sarcastic tone* wooppeee, at least I’m off travelling so don’t actually have to live with them for much longer, haha!

    Hope you enjoy your new place now you’ve settled a bit!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

    • June 20, 2017 / 4:04 pm

      I do think that going to university did help with the transition though. Thank you I’m going to be doing a little tour soon once everything is sorted

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