4 ways make any day feel productive

www.JustEmmi.com productivity tipsDo you ever just have those days (or weeks) where it feels like you’ve been so busy but haven’t actually done anything? It leads you into feeling a false sense of productivity, and it’s almost like you’ve wasted a day and have nothing to show for it.

Being organised and the control freak that I am I hate these days. Even if it’s a weekend I hate feeling like I haven’t done anything. And although it is super important for us all to take breaks every now and again I always feel like I’ve wasted a day when I do nothing but marathon Netflix – which is the highest level on the scale of ‘spending all day doing nothing’.

As we are in the process of moving out, and I’m changing jobs I’ve become very good at tracking my productivity levels so I thought I’d make this post for any other gals in the same boat.


I am the queen of lists. I have lists on my phone for everything from what to do today and things to buy or blog posts to write. I’ve recently been giving my boyfriend a list of things he needs to do/sort out for our move which has actually worked to keep him on track.

I find that even if it’s just a list of jobs to do around the house like wash the dishes, fold clothes, empty the bins etc you feel this strange sense of pride when you tick them all off.


Goals are always are hard one as not many of us tend to stick to them. I mean come on, hands up who didn’t stick to their new years resolutions… my point exactly.

But if you set an end goal such as a specific word count if you are writing an essay or a step target then it gives you something to work towards and you don’t feel as guilty if you do nothing else but work towards that target.


When you are tackling a big project like decorating or packing it can feel a bit disheartening if you end up spending weeks or months trying to finish it – especially when you feel like you are getting nowhere.

If you break these big tasks down into little things it can make you feel like you’ve accomplished a lot more than what meets the eye. If you’ve decorating tell yourself you’re going to do each room by a set date, or complete one small part of it like painting by the end of a set month. This also really helps to track your progress.


It is so easy to be productive in a negative way. I used to clean my room and doing household chores to get out of doing my university work… I was being productive but it wasn’t really getting me anywhere. It’s so important to prioritise (she says as she writes a blog post when she should be doing work), once you learn how to prioritise it can make you list of things to do seem a lot less daunting as you don’t have to do it all at once.

I hope this helps some of you, and I really should take my own advice and get on with packing and my work that I need to complete.

Let me know what tips you have for making the day a more productive one, I’d love to try some out.

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7 thoughts on “4 ways make any day feel productive

  1. I really needed this post! I’ve been spending the last few months doing things but feeling like I’ve just wasted days on end. Lists always work for me as I love seeing all those ticks at the end of the day so I need to make a list every single morning. I’ll do it right after one more Netflix marathon…!


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