Why goodbyes are worth it

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Parting ways with some amazing friends

It’s the morning (very late morning) after the night before and surprisingly I’m feeling OK. Last night we had our last staff do of the year, and my last ever one.

It meant I had to say goodbye to some people who have been in my life for 2-3 years and have really impacted my time at university. Despite how cringe-worthy it may sound we have become this sort of family at work which makes it even harder to say goodbye.

Goodbye’s are always hard though, especially when you don’t know when you’re going to see that person again. But I wanted to write this post to share some insight with you all because really goodbyes are worth it in the long run.

Yep, here I am with my words of wisdom about how we should all be happy to be leaving our friends behind… I promise this post isn’t going to be like that.

I’ve had to go through a lot of goodbyes, especially now I live so far away from where I grew up, but I just had to keep in mind why I was saying goodbye.

If it’s a new job, graduating, moving house or even just because things aren’t working out, goodbyes, as sad as it may seem, do lead to new things.

If you’re saying goodbye to friends and family, then it’s because you are moving onto something new and exciting in your life. If it’s a relationship goodbye then you are opening yourself up for the relationship which is right for you – pure cheese I know.

Although I’m going to miss my friends when I leave university, the reason I’m leaving is because I’m starting my adult life. I’m graduating, moving to Manchester, getting a full-time job. It’s such a great, new opportunity for me and I wouldn’t want my friends to be sad about me leaving when the reason behind it is so exciting!

It’s the same thing when somebody else is leaving. They are going on to better things for themselves which hopefully should make them happier and have a better life. What friend wouldn’t want that for somebody they care about?

Just how our parents have to let us leave home and stand on our own two feet, we have to say goodbye to our friends and family for a short, or long period of time in order to carry on with our own lives and adventures.

I don’t know when I will next see some of my friends but if we really want to meet up and see each other we will find the time do so!

Just some words of wisdom from your pal Emmi, on a very tired, mildly hungover Monday afternoon.

Let me know the good reasons why you’ve had to say goodbye to people recently. Graduation, new job, moving house, new school?

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  1. June 7, 2017 / 7:19 pm

    I’m scared of when I’ll have to do this too. It’s going to be a hard one. I’ve known my peeps all my life. I guess when the time comes we’ll know.

    • June 7, 2017 / 7:20 pm

      Its really difficult but it’s just a part of growing up

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