Blogging: Quality vs Quantity

Hello. It’s me. Remember when I said I’d be blogging everyday in May? Well that went well didn’t it.

I didn’t even last a week.

In my defence this wasn’t because of a lack of motivation or ideas but down to the lack of time. I didn’t have enough time during my busy day working, revising and going to job interviews to take good quality photos and write content to the standard I wanted.

I was doing too much which led to the quality of everything just going down the drain. Plus with only an old iPad to write on it was getting really hard to put stuff together.

Although I’m used to writing multiple articles and working to strict deadlines I don’t want my blog to become a place of deadlines and timescales.

Trying to blog everyday and keep my content consistent and of high quality was hard. And I wasn’t proud of some of the things I was producing which led to me either deleting them or not publishing them at all.

I feel like there is this constant battle in the creative industry between producing top quality content and producing lots of it.

With social media we are so used to the idea of publishing things all the time from photos to tweets. And this translates to the blogging world. Theoretically the more you post the more followers and engagement you’re meant to get. But if the content you’re producing isn’t all there then this doesn’t work as well.

Although I could have published some of the planned posts and not deleted the ones I wasn’t 100% happy with I would have been lying to myself.

I don’t want to blog for the sake of blogging. I want to use my space over here on the internet to share content I think is worth sharing. If that means I post once a week then so be it. If I only post once a month then who cares?

We have become so focused on speed and quantity that we have forgotten that the message itself is what’s the most important thing.

Ask yourself would you rather read one post a month which was well thought out, had great pictures and you could tell a lot of effort went into it or shorter, sloppy posts more frequently?

I think as bloggers we are scared that if we don’t post more than once a week our followers will run and hide, leaving us for those who have the time and resources to do it practically everyday.

We need to remember who we started blogging for in the first place. Ourselves. If we want to take a week or two to write a post then let’s do it.

Personally I’m trying to post three times a week because I do feel that it is important for readers and followers to know what to expect and when to expect it but I’m no longer going to be posting content just for the sake of it.

What are your thoughts on the quality vs quality issue in the blogging industry? How often do you blog?

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23 thoughts on “Blogging: Quality vs Quantity

  1. Aaaabsolutely 100% agree with this gal! I tried to put myself on such a strict schedule at the start of the year and I just couldn’t keep up. One of the worst feelings is scrambling around for great, engaging content – so I just figured that I would aim to post once per week and be super happy with it – or maybe twice if I fancy it! I guess there is no rules, but we do try and create them for ourselves! Weird, innit? Immy x


  2. Firstly, trying to blog on an iPad is poop! I feel your pain.
    Secondly, yeees to everything! I don’t blame you for deciding not to daily blog. Emmi, you are SO right in saying that a blog should be your own space without the crazy deadlines. Something I think I need to blog more often, but I’m not about to decrease the quality with short 250 posts about nothing with substance! Find a routine that works for you, if that’s three times a week then great!


  3. i struggle with this so much, i want my blog to be filled with good posts not just random stuff that isn’t interesting to read. i tried posting twice a week but just found i was writing about pointless stuff


  4. I wholeheartedly agree – I think it’s much more important to write content that you find interesting and ‘want to write’ – blogging is supposed to be enjoyable for the blogger and the audience – and churning blog posts isn’t much fun (and readers can usually tell). Mind you didn’t blog for three months earlier this year as life got in the way but I’m writing because i’m enjoying it not because I have to. Love Bec xx


  5. I’m a huge believer of quality over quantity as well. With my own blog I currently post just once a week, but I really do put so much effort into each post. I want the photos to be the best they can possible be, the layout the best, the text etc and that all takes me a fair amount of time to juggle. Personally I would way rather read 1 interesting post a week than 7 meh posts in a week, you know? At least that’s how I like to think of it.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


  6. YESS to quality!! And down with the conception to be a successful blogger you must publish a post every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10am. Very refreshing piece to read xx


  7. This is a real dilemma. I posted thrice last month for this same reason and I didn’t even feel guilty. We’re humans and no amount of planning can change that. This month however, I plan to do it everyday because I spent those two weeks accumulating stuff I want to talk about. I hope I’m able to see it through.


  8. I felt so much pressure to post everyday! A lot of my favorite bloggers do and I’m like HOW. I seriously cannot manage. I now only post once week and am looking to maybe bring it up to twice a week! Loved this post!


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