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Decluttering social mediaJustEmmi.comAs time goes on and we get older we don’t half collect a bunch of crap. Bits and bobs we bought because it was cheap or looked nice but never bother to actually use. It all gets chucked in a cupboard or draw and forgotten about.

Let’s be real now, we do the exact same thing in our virtual lives as well.

How many people do you follow for a follow, or websites you sign up to only to receive countless junk emails, or friends you add because of the mutual friends. – We’ve all been there back in high school when ‘mutual friends’ and meme pages were a thing.

Now our emails, and social feeds are full of junk we don’t care about anymore. Pages we liked when we were 15. ‘Friends’ we haven’t spoke to since we were 13. Brands we subscribed to for no reason but to enter a competition we had no chance of winning.

But instead of getting rid of the rubbish we leave it, and over time it just gets worse because of all of the new friends we are adding and email lists we are subscribing to.

The time has come to say no more! Unsubscribe from those junk email lists. Get rid of the things you no longer care about and click unfriend to those people you never really liked in the first place.

I know it might sound mean but in reality they probably won’t even notice that you unfriended them because if you were close then you wouldn’t be getting rid of them in the first place.

Our social and virtual lives are becoming the source of our information so why have things blocking up the view? Social media can become such a better experience, especially Facebook, when you;’re not having to scroll for ages to find something you care about.

Some social media platforms work better when you follow more people like Instagram. But by unfollowing people whose videos you don’t bother watching anymore or blog you don’t read then you are creating a better experience for yourself but also giving those you follow a more accurate representation of their active audience.

We shouldn’t feel the need to follow and like everything on social media. We shouldn’t feel guilty to say no and unfollow people and pages.

Which social media platform do you need to de-clutter the most?

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Decluttering social media



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