What I’m reading | Spring 2017

Spring Reading List JustEmmi.comAs promised for all those followers out there who used to follow my book blog ‘Books With Ems’ I am doing a post dedicated to what I am currently reading.

Normally I would review the books after I’ve read them but because I haven’t started any of them yet due to exams and stuff I thought I would share with you the books on my list to read in the next few months.


After seeing this all over every blogger’s Instagram feed and with the Netflix series now out I caved and decided to buy it. I wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about. It’s a non-fiction book which is something very new for me as I usually stay in the world of all things not real, but I’m trying to be more adult so I better snap out of that fast.

#GirlBoss is basically a book all about how women can become strong and fulfil their dreams. It’s meant to be a motivational book where Sophia Amoruso shares her experience whilst making other women realise their own potential. – I’m hoping this will give me the kick up the backside I need to become my own girl boss. I’ll let you know.

Big Magic : Creative Living Beyond Fear

Am I lying if I said I didn’t buy this book just for the Instagram? Yes. But in all honesty this book is beautiful! It is also mean to be a really good book as well though.

Elizabeth Gilbert writes about ’embracing curiosity’, ‘tackle what you love most’ and ‘living our most creative lives’. Now as somebody who’s profession is meant to be one of creativity, and as a blogger I hope that like #GirlBoss this book will help em to understand what it is I need to do in order to create the best content and to be true to myself as a creative.

I Heart Vegas

OK, so I am trying to be an adult to a point. I do still need my rom-com fiction books alright! But instead of reading about teenagers struggling with their first ever boyfriend I’m reading about a 20 something going on 30 journalist from the UK who ran off to America after finding out her fiance cheated on her, only to land herself a blogging job at a magazine and dating a bunch of boys whilst sipping cocktails with her new NYC best friends. – I said I was growing up to a point guys.

Let’s get real though. Lindsey Kelk is an amazing author in the new adult genre and her books are the perfect transition from young adult into full blown general fiction. I love her I Heart series and I am always recommending this to other bloggers – so go read it if you’re not doing so already. I am hoping this next book is going to be just as good as the previous ones.

Blogosphere Magazine

Before you say anything, I know it’s not a real book. It’s a magazine, but a bloody good one at that. I started getting the Blogosphere Magazine as of their last edition, and now I am hooked. It is really useful to have a magazine that talks about the issues us bloggers have to deal with, and the advice they give is always really useful and comes from others in the industry.

It’s so nice getting an insight into the lives of some of our favourite bloggers. I’m a bit ashamed to say I haven’t had chance to read through the current edition yet but I am super excited to do so.

What books are you planning on reading this Spring? Do let me know if you have read any of the ones I’ve mentioned and what you thought of them.

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8 thoughts on “What I’m reading | Spring 2017

      1. The publisher reached out to be about it. I guess the author passed away shortly after the book was released and they still want reviews in honor of her memory. It’s not a bad book, definitely something I wouldn’t normally read though, lol.


  1. I love anything relating to books, so I’m so happy you wrote a post like this. I finished #girlboss, and I really enjoyed it. I’m actually currently reading big magic! So far so good, just taking me a lil longer to read. I added I heart Vegas on my amazon wishlist, so the next time I need a new book to read, this will be one of them xxx

    Melina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com


  2. I’ve had Big Magic for a while now but haven’t read it yet, no idea why. I’m actually really into reading at the moment but I’m going for fiction books (mainly fantasy) and biographies. I used to think biographical books were boring but if you read one written by someone you actually like it’s so fascinating to read about everything they’ve been through.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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