Perfect foundation for pale skin

Clinique BIY foundation justemmi.comIf you’re new to this blog then you should probably check out my rant about why I don’t wear make-up before reading on…

As I have mentioned, I don’t like wearing make-up for many reasons which is why I rarely use it on a daily basis. Foundation has always been a big factor in this and my not so much love for the stuff.

Being a pale, red undertone, freckly person finding any sort of foundation that matches my skin colour and doesn’t make me look orange is a challenge in itself. Then finding one that it lightweight and doesn’t make me feel like I’m wearing face paint is a completely different story in itself.

But I decided to bite the bullet and go searching. After dragging my friend around the Debentures and Boots counters for a good hour I settle on No7 – a brand I had never tried before. Plus they has this cool machine that is meant to read your skin colour and tell you which foundation to use! Sounds so simple right? Wrong!

Of course the machine matched me to their lightest shade. Which as you could probably guess was around 3 shades too dark. It’s great that I’m unique and all with my non-foundation matching skin and abnormal name but give a girl a break.

The lady at the No7 counter felt so bad for me that she called over her friend who worked on the Clinique counter.

Now I’ve always had good experiences with Clinique but the current CC cream I had from them was also slightly too dark.

After explaining my predicament to the Clinique ladies they decided to try out their new BIY foundation on me.

The BIY is a blend it yourself pigment. They come in a variety of shades you you just put one or two drops of the pigment into a small blob of your chosen moisturiser. – Not having the best experiences with tinted moisturisers in the past I wasn’t very hopeful.

This is where I was wrong. The ‘foundation/tinted moisturiser’ was a perfect match – shade 105 (the lightest they do) – and it didn’t feel sticky or like it was going to melt off my face when they put it on. Hazaar! I finally had met my match.

It cost me £25 for a small bottle – a little goes a long way so it was definitely worth it. I also picked up my favourite concealer that they do as well which got me a free gift! Who doesn’t love free gifts!

I wouldn’t say that this foundation has given me a revelation and I now wear makeup all the time, but it has made wearing makeup so much easier for me and I no longer think of it as a chore.

I would highly recommend that you try out the BIY if you are struggling to find a foundation that matches your skin because you can make it darker or lighter just by adding more drops or using less.

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