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Being from the South West originally, I am used to having to travel for at least an hour to get to any other city or large town. You can imagine my excitement when I moved up North as to how easy it is to take a day trip out to the likes of Liverpool, Manchester, Wales or the Lake District and still be back in time for dinner.

Being the amateur photographer that I pretend to be I wanted to share my little adventures with you all in the form of this cute new feature. Now I know the likes of Blackpool etc might nit be that exciting to those of you who have lived in the North all your lives, but hopefully these posts might inspire you to see your city and surrounding areas the way I do.

Kick starting this new feature idea I decided to go to Blackpool last weekend another thing crossed off my bucket list –  This is the first time I have been to Blackpool properly (besides the trip to the zoo) and it wasn’t what I was expecting.

First off the pier or shall I say piers. I honestly thought it was just a small beach with one pier full of rides, not three different piers (maybe more – we got tired of walking so far) with rides and food stall and arcades. If I was 10 this would be a perfect day out.

www.JustEmmi.com (6)www.JustEmmi.com (1)The beach as well was a lot longer than I imagined and originally I thought it was more of a stone/rock beach not a proper sand beach like we have in Cornwall – you can imagine my excitement because it nearly felt like home.

I do regret not getting fish and chips but we just weren’t hungry. I do have to admit there were a lot of chip shops to choose from, and that is saying something coming from the South coast. I mean how many different fish and chip shops do you need on one strip? Surely the market has reached its peak by now?

www.JustEmmi.com (4)www.JustEmmi.com (2)What I did love about walking up and down the strip though was the old-fashioned feel you get from the horse and carriages on the road, the rickety piers and the cabaret style B&B’s. It makes you feel like you have gone back 20 years and that you haven;’t got the giant modern city of Manchester down the road.

We are planning on going back in the summer and spending the whole day at the Pleasure Beach – which I’m not looking forward to due to my fear of heights, drops and anything which normal people consider to be fun.

What is your favourite thing about Blackpool and where should I go for my fish and chips next time?

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  1. April 23, 2017 / 8:12 pm

    glad you enjoyed your trip 🙂 In my opinion you can NEVER have too many fish and chip shops!

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