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I was going to start this post off by saying that I can’t believe it’s March already, but in all honesty I can believe it. Despite thinking I have so much time left until the end of university I knew deep down that it was going to fly past, and now here I am with only two months of teaching left.

So much has been going on in my life recently and there are a lot of exciting things coming up on this blog this month, which is why I have decided to update you all.`I’m also calling this life update #1 in the hope that my life will cease to be boring at some point and I will have many, many interesting adventures to tell you about in the future.

I may have mentioned it a few times already but if you didn’t know I am currently learning to drive and have been doing so since November last year. Now I’m not going to say I’m a natural because I tend to stall it at least once a lesson, but I think I am getting the hang of it. i do wish I had learnt when I was 17 though. As a soon to be journalist, having a car and a driving licence is crucial so I am hoping to pass as soon as possible.

On the note of being a soon to be journalist, I can’t believe I only have two more month left of university taught lectures. Then it’s one exam in May and bish bash bosh I’m done. Three years of uni, gone like that. It is a scary thought but I am really exciting about some of the opportunities coming my way,

Segwaying into another little update. I cannot believe the amount of blogging opportunities I have got lined up for March, including an event this week and a collab with a brand I am super excited about. I’m a small blogger with not many followers but hey who cares about the numbers. But it does just baffle me how many cool things I get to do just by writing about my life and adventures.

One cool thing I can actually tell you about right now though is a group I have set up in order to help Lancashire based bloggers connect with each other, get their content out there and work with local brands.

As somebody who is apart of many North West based blogger groups I noticed that there wasn’t really anything specifically for Lancashire bloggers. So I took the plunge and created Lancashire Bloggers and @lancsbloggers on Twitter.

Please feel free to join and share with your friends. It’s obviously only small right now, but as time goes on hopefully word will get out and more and more local bloggers will join.

I think that is it. My life, sadly isn’t very exciting right now due to exams and deadlines piling up but I promise it will get better. – For my sake at least.

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