6 things I do to get through a bad day

Getting through a bad day justemmi.comDespite the positive vibes and the constant trying hard in life there are times when things just aren’t that great. I know this feeling all too well and I wanted to share with you all what I do to cheer myself up when things are getting tough.

Take a break: The best thing you can do whenever you are having a bad day and everything is getting on top of you is to take a break. I try to turn everything off, grab a movie, a cup of tea and just take a break from it all.

Think about me: When I’m stressed I find it really hard to unwind so sometimes I have to just stop for a moment and think about me. I’m not the pamper type of person but I try to just chill in the bath, listen to some music and just relax.

List it: Personally I love to make to do lists and staying organised and yet i still seem to get stressed. I do find it a lot easier to have clear list in front of me though. A list of what needs to be done which I can then prioritise and try to just relieve some of the stress building up.

Remember to eat: I am so bad at skipping meals or eating the wrong things when I am having a bad day. This then makes me feel grumpy and ads to my bad mood or i feel guilty because I’ve eaten so much junk food – which again just makes the day worse. To make things better I try to set times aside for eating and cooking where I leave my work to one side and focus on actually having a decent meal.

Leave it at work: I am a worrier so I find this bit really hard but the more I leave my worries and issues at university and work and don’t bring it home with me the better my evening tends to be.

Sleep it off: Ok I admit it. I am not very good at this whole bedtime thing and most of the time it isn’t until early the next morning when I finally hit the hay. But on a bad day I will 100% get an early night (well an earlier one than normal) unless I am unable to sleep due to worry and stress – nothing another episode on Netflix can’t fix.

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