21 before I’m 21

The first month of 2017 has flown past and it’s making me feel a bit nervous about what the next few months entails.

In 5 months I will be turning 21 which means I will officially be an adult and will have to drag my arse out of bed and start doing something productive with my life. This birthday also comes as the first month I will officially no longer be a student – which is bloody scary!

So before the shock of adulthood and the real world knocks me off my feet and flat on my face there are a few things I want to accomplish.

1. Graduate: If all goes well I should be graduating this year – the official ceremony is in July but I will find out in June before my birthday.

2. Learn to drive/pass my test: Again, if everything stays on track and goes according to plan I want to have passed my test before the time I graduate. I love driving and really wish I had learnt sooner.

3. Move out: The plan since I started university was to finish in May 2017 and move in wit my boyfriend in our own little flat/house in Manchester – currently I am hoping that is still going to happen before my 21st in June.

4. Get a job: I do already have a job but when I turn 21 I would have finished at my current job, moved out and graduated (hopefully) which means I will be needing a new one in Manchester.

5. Save: There is a set amount of money I’d like to save up before I am 21 but this is mainly so I can afford to move to Manchester with my boyfriend. But I think saving money and having something in your savings is so important as we get older.

6. Lose weight: Again like saving I have a number in my head which I would very much like to be when it comes to weight – but for me it is less about the number on the scales and more about how I feel. I want to get back into a gym routine like I was last year and stick to it.

7. Own a cookbook: Ok so despite being a student I still don’t own a cookbook and its a present most students are given before moving away. I’m more of a Google type of girl but I think it’s about time I picked up a basic cook book. None of these fancy dinner and cake books but a proper ‘heres how to cook stuff your mum makes’ book.

8. Declutter EVERYTHING: I am not a hoarder but I do buy things and never use them or keep sentimental things that aren’t sentimental anymore. I will hopefully be moving out before I turn 21 which means there isn’t room in my life for clutter. So goodbye abundance of notebooks, clothes I never wear and cables I have no idea what for.

9. Have photos in frames: I love making memories and having photographs to keep but I rarely take photos and put them in frames on display. Even after being with my boyfriend for three years we still don’t have a nice photo of us in a frame. I want my house to be filled with nice Paperchase style frames and photos of memories I have made.

10. Start the Harry Potter books: I have said this countless of times over on my book blog and I promise I will get around to it sooner rather than later. I know, how can I call myself a bookworm without having read one of ‘the best series in the world’.

11. Cook a full roast dinner with all the trimmings: Just because I want a cookbook doesn’t mean I can’t cook – although my boyfriend might beg to differ. But my goal is to learn how to cook a proper Sunday Roast with all the trimmings. Carrots, spuds, sprouts and stuffing! Yummy!

12. Wear more sexy underwear: Not because I expect anybody to see it on a daily basis but because it’s what grown-ups do right. Once you become a grown up you wear sexy underwear on a daily basis not just for special occasions. Less panties more lace.

13. Find a style: I’m not big into fashion and that’s fine with me. But I want to find my own style and stock up on basics – I want a mini capsule wardrobe I guess.

14. Visit Blackpool: I live around 30 minutes away from the seaside town and yet have never been to the pier. Although I mainly want to go for the Instagram pictures and to have an excuse to eat fish and chips and ice cream, as a girl who grew up in a seaside town it would be nice to visit another.

15. Have my makeup done professionally: If you’ve read my post on makeup then you know I’m not the biggest fan of wearing makeup everyday but I do put it on sometimes, and when I do I try really hard with it but let’s face it, im not beauty guru. I’ve had foundation tested o my skin before at the Clinique counter but I have always wanted to have a full face done just to see what it would look like.

16. Buy a new purse: This probably doesn’t seem like a big challenge and is something you would think I could do tomorrow. But you haven’t met me. I am such a picky person when it comes to bags and purses. I know what I want but I can never find what I want. I am making it my mission to ditch my own purse and finally get a new one before I’m 21.

17. Go to a blogger event: Now this relies more on the event being held and being invited to it and so it is kinda out of my hands but I would love to go along to a PR event and represent JustEmmi.com.

18. Unsubscribe: Over the past 8 years since I’ve been active online I have somehow subscribed to so many newsletters and email updates that if I don’t check my emails every day my spam box has around 30-50 emails in it. I need to sit down and just unsubscribe from all of the crap I never really cared about.

19.  Invest in quality stuff: As ive already said I rarely wear makeup but I want to invest in some more quality makeup for when I do. I also want to invest in a decent leather handbag and some good quality shoes that aren’t going to break after 5 minutes.

20. Stick to a 30 day challenge: I’ve tried so many different challenges from fitness ones to just trying to drink green tea every day for a month and I’ve never been able to complete one so i want to find a challenge that is right for me and do it properly.

21. Do a parkrun: I used to love running and I even did a charity 5K a few years back but recently I’ve hit a rut and don’t bother running unless it’s to get out of the rain. I have so many friends that do park runs on the weekend so I want to join them at least once.

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