Hello 2017!

2017 resolutionsIt’s official. 2017 is here. Goodbye 2016 and the rollercoaster of a year it was, hello 2017!

With a new year comes new adventures, new goals, and a new blog – well kinda. After taking some time over the festive break to sort some stuff out I am back with a new name (I’m keeping this one promise) a new theme and a plan.

Like all plans we need goals and challenges to keep us on our toes which is why I’ve set myself some goals for 2017.

A goal a month: I have to admit I’m really good at setting goals and never following through (that’s what she said) so this year I want to set mini goals throughout the months to help me achieve my bigger yearly goals. This could be anything from drinking 2 litres of water a day to post every day on Instagram.

Be more active on social media: I try not to use Twitter and Facebook to just talk about random stuff. Although I am trying to build a brand for myself as a blogger and journalist I want to be more open on my social media. I want to be more personal and share more of my life – not in the drunken tweets and photos way but more to make it seem like I have a life and don’t just watch Netflix and drink tea (guilty).

Go outside: I want to go out more and do exciting things. whether it be a trip to the Lake District or go for a nice walk and a trip to a cafe. Not just for the Instagram pictures but to add adventure to 2017.

Declutter and keep it that way: Hands up. I know I’m not the only one who has a massive declutter and within a few weeks its back to the cluttered mess it was before. I want to declutter my life from junk and stuff i don’t need. Clothes. Trinkets I never liked. People I don’t talk to. We spend far too much time holding onto things that don’t matter.

Make life healthy: Look out, it’s that obvious I want to get fit resolution everybody puts on their list. I am sadly no exception. I love the gym and zumba and working out. I’ve just had a rough few months – which is no excuse. But i want to make life healthy again for myself. This means going to the gym, eating better, being happier, going to bed at a normal time and not isolating myself.

Write more: As a journalism student about to be a journalism graduate I really need to start writing more. I already run two blogs and edit for Kettle Magazine but I want more of my writing out there. Whether that be through Kettle, my blogs or published work. I want my voice and creativity to be seen and heard – and hopefully liked.

I do have blogging goals such as views and followers but I’m trying not to focus too much on the numbers which is why I’m not telling you them.

What goals and challenges are you setting yourself for 2017? Did you complete any goals you set yourself last year?

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    • January 3, 2017 / 1:54 pm

      Thank you. Fingers crossed we both smash our goals

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