9 things 2016 taught me

things i learnt in 2016 JustEmmi.comThis year has been a massive rollercoaster with ups and downs, and it is fair to say I have learnt a thing or two over the past 12 months.I thought I would share them with you in the hope that it might help you in 2017.

1. Saying no is ok: I hate to disappoint people and whether it is taking on extra shifts at work or helping others out at university I always end up saying yes. But sometimes you need to say no. Taking on too much work and responsibility can turn out for the worst not the better and overloading yourself just leads to stress and complications

2. Treat yourself: Indulging isn’t a bad thing. In fact we should all sit down and take five minutes to treat ourselves every so often. whether it be with an extra slice of cake, buying something you really want or just giving yourself the night off. We should reward ourselves for the things we do.

3. Don’t let anybody treat you like shit: Sometimes you are wrong and people should tell you that you are wrong. Sometimes you are right and you should tell others that they are wrong to say you’re not right. But never should anybody treat you like crap, no matter how wrong or right you are!  Despite disagreements and dislikes you should never let anybody talk to you or treat you like you are no better than the dirt on the bottom of their shoes.

4. Love your skin: I have had an on off skincare routine of a few years now but taking the extra time to moisturise, exfoliate and cleanse your skin is 100% worth it. if it leads to less spots and no more dry, dead skin then who cares about the 5 minutes you’ve lost to your evening and morning?

5. You can never have too many socks: Or underwear for that matter. Socks seem to keep disappearing in my house, mainly because my boyfriend ‘borrows’ them and I never get them back. Whenever you are in town and see some cheap socks or underwear pick them up because there will be a day when you are late because of a missing sock.

6. Stop when its no longer fun: I’m not saying you should give up, but stop when things aren’t fun anymore and start it again when you are happy. As a book blogger I started feeling pressured to read more books and post more content but at the same time I fell out of love with reading. It took me awhile but I decided to stop posting to a schedule on that blog. I now read when I want to and review books as I finish them, not every week.

7. Getting back into a gym routine is hard: If there is anything I will take into 2017 it will be to get into a gym routine and stick to it. I went from going to Zumba three times a week and gm the other two days of the week to well, sitting in bed watching Netflix 7 days a week. The winter months, exams and work don’t help but once you get into a routine it is so much easier to stick to it. It’s only when you start to slip that you fall out of that routine completely.

8. Unfriending people isn’t mean: This year I started to unfriend people on Facebook on their birthdays – yes I know that sounds harsh but everyone has a birthday and it’s the easiest way to find out who you actually want to be friends with on Facebook. I’m not unfriending people because I don’t like them, but more because I have never spoken to them before/random add, or they are just someone I knew from primary school. Reducing your friends on social media can make the experience better, as you are only seeing the things you care about and staying update with those who you are close to.

9. Do it whilst you can: I have quite a standard life. I go to university. I go to work. I come home. But this year has made me realise i need to push myself more and do things whilst I am young and can. Once I graduate I will have less free time, less money and more responsibilities. So whether it is learning to drive, going on holiday or joining a sports club do the things you want to do now, before it’s too late.

What did you learn this year and what pieces of advice do you have for others as we go into 2017?

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  1. December 15, 2016 / 9:55 am

    Ah I would love to get back into a gym routine but I just don’t have time. I was thinking of starting running when it gets a bit warmer next year. And yes treating yourself is always good!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • December 15, 2016 / 9:59 am

      You should try YouTube videos at home when you have a spare 5 minutes. That’s what I do

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