How I relax and unwind how to relax and unwindDecember is a stressful time of year. Christmas shopping, trying to save money and of course the dreaded December exams and assignments.

Luckily for me it’s nearly all over, but that doesn’t mean I’m not stressed. I find it had to unwind sometimes but there are a few things that always seem to work when I need to just take some me time.

Most girls usually pamper themselves when they are stressed, but this is by far the worst idea in my mind. Painting my nails with my left hand, not being able to move my face because of a face mask or being sticky from moisturiser is not my idea of relaxation. If anything it gets me more stressed because I end up with nail polish everywhere, the face mask in my hair and my PJs stick to my legs because of body butter.

My idea of relaxation is being comfy and lazy.


The first thing I always do to unwind and relax is to get out of my work clothes and get into some cosy pyjamas. To be fair, if I’m at home I will try and wear pyjamas as much as possible. They just make me feel comfy and at ease. This is usually paired with some slipper socks, a baggy jumper or a dressing gown if it’s really cold.


No relaxing day is complete without a cup of tea. As the title of this blog suggests, a brew a day keeps the doctor away – we’ll not really – but a brew a day is sure to help you unwind. Yorkshire tea, Tetley, PG Tips, Twinings, green tea or Tea Pigs. It doesn’t matter to me as long as my mug is always full.


Depending on my level of stress depends on my entertainment choice. if I’m not too stressed I’ll opt for a book, but if the room is spinning then it is YouTube or movies – something where I can fall asleep.

I always find that if I have a headache burning candles can make them better.I tend to opt for vanilla scented candles as they help to keep me calm. They make atmosphere perfect for reading a book in bed. But if you are burning candles don’t fall asleep watching a movie…

How do you relax? Do you find painting your nails to be stressful as well?

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