Manchester Christmas Markets

www-justemmi-com-3Last weekend I took the annual trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets with my boyfriend. We have been going every year since I moved to the North West and there was no way I was going to break the tradition.

Despite my boyfriend’s horror when I told him we were going on Black Friday, we stayed positive and hopeful that we wouldn’t be squashed between thousands of people trying to murder each other for a bargain. To our surprise it was actually super quite. Which was weird…

This did however mean that we were able to spend the whole day going around the markets and doing a bit of Christmas shopping; instead of turning straight back around at the sight of a stampede of shoppers coming towards us.


When visiting the Manchester Christmas Markets you can’t not indulge yourself. We browsed the stalls and treated ourselves to some pizza, a hot chocolate, homemade fudge and mini pancakes.  If you can’t stuff your face at Christmas when can you?

There were so many different stalls, some offering the same bits and bobs you see year in year out. But this year there were some etsy style retailers which I thought brought a bigger community feel to the markets. Although we didn’t buy anything but food from the markets I still think it is a great event that Manchester put on every year and well worth a visit.

You can see from the sheer volume of people who flock to the city centre just for a mulled wine and a chat with friends, just how special these markets are and how for many including myself, it wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

Have you been to the Manchester Markets before? Does your town/city put on a Christmas market, if so what is it like?

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