Where do I see myself in 5 years time?

That dreaded question which you get asked at interviews, or by your parents and family members at Christmas when they want to know what it is you’re planning on doing with your life. A lot of us say we don’t know or make up some bullshit answer on the spot. “A manager”, “with a family […]

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Learning to listen to my body with So Shape

so shape justemmi.com fitness lifestyle gym workout body health

Spoiler alert, this isn’t a blog post about weightloss – although it features in it – but in fact this is a post about understanding and listening to your body. Surprise surprise, hence the title. As you may know from my previous posts on my body and weight, I am very actively trying to change […]

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Why it’s OK to take a break from life

Why it's ok to take a break book reading chill bed tea relax justemmi.com

Hello, my name’s Emmi and I’m a workaholic. ‘Hi Emmi…’ When we live in this world of social media, constant documentation of our lives and updating stories or statuses it can be hard to switch off. When this is also your work life as well as your home life it’s a hell of a lot […]

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Finding my feet in fashion

fashion blogger girl emmixbowles JustEmmi.com

Oh hey there. Don’t mind me. Just posing awkwardly in an alleyway with lots of people walking past staring at me because I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing! I think it’s safe to say I’m not going to turn into a fashion blogger anytime soon. The truth is I’d love to be one […]

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